get rid

How to get rid of sunburn

you have gone to the beach maybe apply

sunscreen maybe you haven't notice if

you get a sunburn

what are you going to do the first thing

you're going to do is complain to me

your dermatologist or your significant

other saying how much it hurts totally

understandable what's the best thing to

do the first thing is you want to just

get out of Sun and stay out of the Sun

as much as you can for the next week

here's a little bit of sort of a home

remedy that actually can work well you

can put cold washcloth in your

refrigerator soaked in milk and you can

apply those to the areas where you have

the sunburn and what that does is the

cooling effect will take some of the

heat out of the sunburn and the milk

actually contains lactic acid which is

one of the reasons that Cleopatra used

it in her baths which made her look very

gorgeous this actually will take off

some of the top layers of skin so if

you've got blistering it actually can

make it look better and heal faster one

other option is you can use aloe vera or

other natural products like this to sort

of calm down the pain that you're having

some of the gels that are on the market

for sunburns actually contain lidocaine

and benzocaine and what they do is they

temporarily are going to take away the

pain from the sunburn but then as soon

as they wear off you're going to be in

worse shape because you're actually

going to feel the pain even more so I

don't like using these products all that

much one other thing that I like to have

my patients do is you can take aspirin

or you can take just a general

anti-inflammatory this is because your

skin is inflamed it's angry it's red and

it's painful and so what you want to do

is take something any anti-inflammatory

so motrin tylenol aspirin also works

that's going to help you out a lot in

terms of your pain