get rid

Easy & quick way to remove red stains from carpet


hey guys welcome back to another video

but I almost kill this kid right here

maybe she got pink stuff on a cart Dave

so he's cleaning the toilet seat for a

and replacing the ball I'm so proud of

her and I'm in her room cleaning pink

things off the cart babe now at least

you shouldn't have done it

so by exhaust me all this pink stuff in

the car babe we've been living here for

almost five years and McKenzie's never

built anything on the carpet like that

so here was a spot you can kind of still

see it but not really but guys I'm just

going to show you today how I got things

off the carpet I don't even know what

this is

she don't really remember what it is but

this sprite is called awesome and it

really is awesome it's only a dollar at

the Dollar Tree I swear that it's us so

I was like you know what I'm just going

to spray these in the carpet and see

what happy for everything because this

is such a great degreaser it good things

out of things today I cleaned all of the

doors all of the doors had like dirt on

them like around the doorknob food stuff

like I literally wiped all the doors

down today clean some of the baseboard

shot ahead of time and now I'm in kinky

throne I'm sorry in advance but the

lighting is so poor in here we're gonna

be redoing her room soon so I'm just

looking somebody used my phone

guys I lose my phone bill Austin and I

right now

Kenzie have you seen my phone cuz I can

see you're nervous that I always use it


on your nerves always I'm just gonna use

your phone

hopefully it's okay I don't know what

the hell I do right but I can't what do

you need trying to figure out how to get

that totally seed out remember what I

just showed you okay maybe I can put it

in here okay guys you see on a car seat

you can still see a little bit of the

things over here thanks guys that I'll

have to say that this one dollar spray

from the Dollar Tree has really done a

great job you see I have not scrub

anything haven't even scrubbed it yet so

see what happened and I can't stand

things on the carpet right y'all I'm so

observant when I go to people's houses

my eyes just automatically like

gravitates or stuff like that so when

people come over here I don't want them

like oh my god you're gonna concrete in

the carpet looks horrible

we just have to replace Kenzie supplies

because her little nosey but it's always

peeking out of them so she broke her


so we write stuff for McCarthy but I

would say but her to be nine years old

and that should be the first set of

lines I have every place and the first

time I ever had to try to get rid of

things out of my car seat I'm pretty

happy overall oh yeah can y'all give me

some suggestions I mean a nice way to

organize her shoes just know where to

put them and that drives me crazy every

time I come here okay

all right guys

oh you we can't sell that there was ever

really a pink stain I'm gonna have my

carpets clean I try to get them cleaned

every six months but with the way life

has been going haven't had them cleaned

out all this year there's another little

pink spot we're gonna spray but yeah

guys I hope that you guys go out to the

Dollar Tree and buy this play a game

it's called awesome instead of killing

your kids for getting stuff on your

carpet just buy this it's only a dollar

they'll be happy that they didn't die

and you'll be happy that your carpet

looks good but I'll see you in the next

video bye