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How to Get Rid of Red Squirrels

how to get rid of red squirrels


red squirrels can be found throughout

Canada the northern United States the

Rocky Mountains and as far south as

Northern Virginia on the East Coast

smaller in size than the familiar gray

squirrel red squirrels feed on nuts

berries smaller rodents and mammals

seeds and fruits although cute in

appearance to many people the red

squirrel can quickly become a pest that

must be discouraged in order to prevent

extensive damage to objects and property

a home made repellent can help to deter

red squirrel damage things you'll need

measuring cup measuring spoons 1 tbsp

hot sauce 1 quart water handheld sprayer

remove the top from a handheld sprayer

measure 1 tablespoon of hot sauce and

add to the spray container add 1 quart

of water to the spray container place

the lid on the container securely and

shake the container to mix the hot sauce

and water spray the hot sauce deterrent

around the base of trees feeders

birdhouses and other areas where red

squirrels are persistent and causing

damage repeat the application of hot

sauce determined every few days and

especially following a heavy dew or rain

tips warnings

do not allow the hot sauce spray to turn

to contact eyes lips or nose as it can

cause severe irritation