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Get Rid Of Red, Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation!

what's up guys welcome to another video

about acne this one specifically is

gonna focus on a question that I get

asked all the time and this is one of

the most frustrating parts about having

acne and dealing with it is how do I get

rid of these red marks all over my face

after I've eliminated the acne when do

they go away how do I get rid of them

now if you're not familiar with what I'm

talking about basically after you get

acne a lot of people will experience red

marks that have no white head there's no

black head there's no goo underneath the

skin or anything like that just large

areas of hyperpigmentation these marks

are different than actual acne scars as

acne scars are the results of pits or

texture differences in the skin but

these marks are the result of

inflammatory responses under the skin

that's why they're called post

inflammatory hyperpigmentation now how

do you deal with these right well the

first thing that most people turn to or

the thing that most people kind of

recommend especially when they don't

really necessarily know how to deal with

this is a skin lightening treatment so

it's usually with some sort of ointment

or something and it's based off of

changing the melanin production in your

skin now melanin contributes the actual

darkness of our skin people with more

melanin our darker colors but this

actual redness under the skin has

nothing to do with melanin production

again like I said it's an inflammatory


now this inflammation is different for

every single person so some people will

see that inflammation disappear and

dissipate in a couple of months other

people will have to wait a year or even

longer but they will naturally go away

on their own you can just continue doing

your life and they'll go away but if you

do want to kind of speed the process up

you want to try your own treatments and

try to do things to speed it up then

here are some of the things you could

try I think I should also mention that

this inflammatory redness is not going

to start going away naturally until

you've cleared your acting so if you're

still going through breakouts they're

probably not gonna be just getting

better on their own you should address

getting rid of your acne first then

focusing on this retina first off and

this advice goes all the time you never

want to use a strong strong strong

cleanse or anything like that use very

gentle topical treatments if you use

something that's very very strong

intense and it irritates your skin

irritation is gonna cause that

inflammatory response to either increase

or it's just gonna make it take way

longer to go away so use very gentle

gentle skin cleanse for example some of

my favorite cleansers are 2.5% or

or benzoyl peroxide or aqua nil and aqua

knows great to take right after you

finish a workout of something that wash

your face off very gentle stuff using a

chemical exfoliant every couple of days

can help a lot by taking the top layer

of dead skin off your face BH a beta

hydroxy acid seems to be the best one

that everybody kind of recommends using

something that actually has pieces of

hard rock or walnut shell or using a

pumice stone something that's a

mechanical destruction of your skin and

abrasion is actually not gonna be a good

idea so stay away from hardcore scrubs

that are very granulated in things like

that and aim more for the chemical stuff

apparently I've heard that for BHA acids

that polished choice has a very good one

that's very cheap compared to the other

ones this one's super important but I

feel like a lot of people don't do this

one and honestly back when I had a lot

of acne it was hard for me to do this

too now I respect this rule a lot more

especially after saying how much the Sun

changes the color of your skin and

especially those postmarks use a

sunscreen that's at least 30 SPF or

higher and wear everyday if you're gonna

go out in the Sun make sure that it is

non-comedogenic and non comedogenic

means that it does not clog pores if you

don't get one that's non comedogenic you

will break out like crazy but yes the UV

lights from the Sun actually cause your

face more damage and prolong how long it

takes for your body to get rid of that

inflammatory redness now this tip does

not come from my own anecdotal

experience I've never tried this one

before I have no idea about this but

I've read a million reviews about this

I've heard this so much if you have very

intense spots just in small areas but

they're very very bright or red or brown

or whatever color they are you can

actually use a high vitamin C serum so

this one is 25% is the one that

everybody kind of recommends and you can

actually spot reduce I suppose those red

marks or those colored discolored marks

on your face then from here it gets a

lot more serious so if none of those

things work and if you're not patient

enough to wait until they naturally fade

you can actually go into a little bit

more intensive styles of treatments like

IPL which is intense pulsed light

entreat meant which basically just gonna

shoot a bunch of little lasers into your

face you probably seen a picture of this

at some point and that is supposed to

reduce and break up the discoloration a

bit there are stronger chemical acid

peels so these are not ones that you

would apply on your own these are the

ones that you would actually go and get


tense session of I think once a month

not even that very often and then

occasionally people will say that

microdermabrasion and needling and

things like that can help but that one

I'm a little bit more on the fence with

so that's that it's it's a relatively

simple topic it's a very irritating

topic because like you get rid of your

acne you change your lifestyle you go

through all these different treatments

you finally see your skin getting a

little bit better if inconsistency

starting to get smooth there's not as

much whiteheads blackheads and stuff but

you still look like you have acne

maybe not the texture of acne but you've

still got all these red marks all over

your face and it's very discouraging and

I understand but just keep in mind that

be patient you've been patient enough

this far into the journey getting rid of

your acne just be a little bit more

patient and let those red marks heal up

or or if you want to go through these

treatments but be patient because it

will get better finally I want to note

that these red marks that I'm talking

about are different than rosacea rosacea

is where you see it flushing of redness

you can go up on the face or me on the

chest for me personally how'd it go all

across the shoulders the upper chest and

then just up into my neck and this

happens from all sorts of different

things whether it's heat or some sort of

a reaction something that you're

drinking or eating but this is a

temporary thing that will happen for a

few hours or a few days there's nothing

really that you can do in terms of the

same type of treatment that you can give

this hyperpigmentation so that is it for

this video and this is one that has been

requested for so long I'm so glad to get

this one out because I understand it's

very confusing subject it's hard to

understand what these red marks are

coming from how to get rid of them so

I'm glad to finally put this video up on

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