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How to Get Rid of Nose Pimples | Remove Pimples on Nose | Tiege Hanley

What's up gentlemen welcome back to a brand new video I'm Dominick Whelton and

taking over Tiege's channel today to talk to you guys about how to get rid of

that annoying acne we all find on our nose now trust me I know this firsthand

there was nothing more tempting than wanting to pop all of the zits we have on

our nose but as you probably know that's not good for you or your skin so the

first thing you want to do when it comes to your acne on your nose is you want to

reduce the swelling as much as possible and sometimes even just taking an ice

cube and rubbing that around your nose or a cold pack can help reduce that

inflammation the second thing we want to know is that finding a powerful face

wash and acne cream is really going to be your key to success here so

developing a healthy skincare routine that you practice daily and implement

into your life is going to be the number one thing that helps you get rid of acne

and prevent it from coming back now before we actually use an acne treatment

we need to figure out which type of acne we're dealing with now there's two

common types you're probably gonna find on your nose the first and probably most

common type of acne we find on our nose is called acne vulgaris and this is

dealing with the whiteheads and blackheads we typically find around this

area now the whiteheads are ones that are

closed and they're typically white and those are the ones you pop blackheads

are the ones that you find around your nose that you can squeeze and they tend

to gist they doesn't just come out a little bit which again can be very

tempting to do but please do not pick out your nose the second type of acne

some people deal with is called acne rosacea

which deals with more inflammatory acne around the area typically seen with

pulposus and little cysts so if your acne looks a little bit more like that

then that's probably what you're working with now both of these have different

ways of becoming inflamed acne vulgaris typically comes from bacteria within the

pores whereas rosacea can stem from stress heat

exhaustion and dehydration so again back to that skincare routine the first thing

you want to do is you really want to find a gentle face wash which can

eliminate those pimples after the swelling has gone down I personally use

the face wash from Tiege Hanley right here and I use this every single day

twice a day so in the morning and at night the key here is building this into

a routine when you wake up in the morning the first thing you want to do

when you take a shower may be after you right before you start your day you want

to get all of the bacteria all of the germs off your face any dirt and grime

that may be there and especially right before you go to bed and you lay your

head on that pillow for eight hours you don't want any dirt and grime you have

on your face that you've gotten throughout the day to just be resting

and sitting you want to make sure you go to bed with a clear clean healthy face

so the next thing you want to do and what I've implemented into my skincare

routine is exfoliate Tiege Hanley has a great exfoliator it looks like this

little guy right here and I only use this twice a week this is to help me get

all the extra dead skin cells off my face it helps me clear up my pores to

make sure they're not clogged and doing this twice a week really helps you get

that glow complexion because not only are you washing your face throughout the

week but you're getting all the dead skin cells off which allows your body to

regenerate new ones now if you're still struggling with acne especially around

your nose after you've applied the face wash and the scrub twice a week you can

use a salicylic acid acne cream Tiege Hanley's got a great one it looks

like this right here another really cool thing about Tiege's acne cream is it

actually causes a chemical reaction which naturally smooth and exfoliates

inflamed skin plus what's actually really cool about it is it goes that

deep in your skin to help remove any oil and debris which can lead to more acne

so let's go ahead and recap what we've talked about first things first

do not pick your face as tempting as it is leave the acne alone let the products

do the job and do not pop your pimples the second thing you want to do again is

you want to make sure that you can help reduce the swelling even by using an ice

cube or something just to bring that inflammation down the third thing you

want to do is you want to identify what type of acne you have so that way you

know which products to use and the fourth thing you want to do is you want

to build a healthy skin care routine into your life again it's about building

those healthy habits it's not a one-off thing you want to do this daily so find

a face wash or in an exfoliator and if you need to use an acne cream with that

gentleman I hope you enjoyed today's video and I hope you learned something

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