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HOW TO GET RID OF STRAWBERRY LEGS IN ONE DAY! Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris And Dark Spots On Legs


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Victoria X it is so hot where I'm

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sweating it's because it's hot anyway

today I am gonna be showing you guys how

to get rid of strawberry legs strawberry

legs are just a dark dots on your legs

that resemble the skin of a strawberry

sometimes it's referred to as chicken

skin and it's basically just hair

follicles or enlarged pores that contain

a trapped mixture of oil dead skin or

bacteria and yes I have experienced

strawberry legs before but I have

completely cured it and in this video

I'm gonna be telling you guys exactly

how I did that so without further ado

let's get into the video so I start off

by cleansing and moisturizing my legs so

first I gently cleanse my legs using

this dove body soap and the key word

here is to be very very gentle because

if you're too harsh then you're gonna

irritate your skin and only make your

strawberry legs worse then I dry my legs

and I apply jojoba oil on them and I

really try to deeply massage the oil

onto my legs because this can help to

loosen any of your pores that are

clogged that often lead to strawberry

skins now this may be confusing but I do

all of this about an hour before I

actually take a shower where I shave my

legs and I do this because often times

shaving over dry skin can actually cause

strawberry legs so if I make sure that

my legs and hair are soft as possible

then that's gonna prevent any irritation

that can lead to strawberry legs and the

reason why I wash my legs before

moisturizing them prior to taking a

shower and prior to shaving is because

as I previously mentioned strawberry

legs are often caused by clogged pores

and if you apply oil over dirty legs

then that is literally just going to

clog your pores even more alright

it is getting so hot in here I'm just

gonna put my hair up oh this is so much

better okay guys

an hour after cleaning and oiling up my

legs I then get in the shower to do my

regular shower routine like washing my

hair washing my face

shaving etc but before shaving I always

wash and exfoliate my legs and by the

way whenever I am taking a shower and

I'm gonna shave my legs I always make

sure to use lukewarm water first of all

if the water is too cold then I'm gonna

be shaving over goose bumps on my legs

which has actually caused me to get

strawberry legs before and then if the

water is too hot then I could

potentially shave over really dry and

just like irritated skin from the hot

water which could make my strawberry

skin worse so as I previously mentioned

I wash my legs with this dove body wash

now I know I did wash my legs earlier

with this body wash but I am just

watching them again gently strawberry

skin is often caused by a buildup of oil

and bacteria so I just try to make sure

that my legs are as clean as possible

having said that the soap I use is

formulated for sensitive skin so

although I do want my skin to be really

clean I don't want to use a soap that is

too over-drying

like Irish Spring that may dry out my

skin which may irritate my skin and thus

make my strawberry skin worse another

huge tip for you guys is to not use any

type of loofah when you're cleaning your

legs before you're gonna shave and this

is because the loofah can actually

irritate your skin and if you're gonna

be exfoliating after you definitely

don't want to be using a loofah and then

an exfoliant because that may make your

strawberry skin more apparent and just

worse so after I cleanse my legs then I

move on to an exfoliant I really like

the tree hut exfoliants they're super

inexpensive they're sold to like Target

you can get them off Amazon I'll link

this one below this is the lemon

blueberry tart Shea sugar scrub but that

is a tongue twister and basically I just

make sure to thoroughly exfoliate my

legs after I've cleansed them and prior

to shaving now as I mentioned this step

is crucial because exfoliating your legs

for you could be the key to getting rid

of strawberry legs so

as we all know by now clogged pores on

your legs lead to strawberry skin and

what is one way to unclog those pores

exfoliating some of us just need a good

exfoliant to get rid of strawberry legs

everyone's different but this may be

your answer but the key here is to not

exfoliate too often because that can

actually end up irritating your skin so

the only time that I exfoliate is right

before I'm about to shave my legs or

shave any other part of my body

thus I exfoliate once a week or once

every we can have the next step is just

as crucial as exfoliating and that is to

shave using conditioner and I always get

the question of are you talking about

the conditioner for like the hair on

your head yes literally a conditioner

for your hair that is what I use to

shave for me this is the most important

step after exfoliating because if I

don't shave with conditioner and let's

say I shave with shaving cream then it's

just going to dry out my skin and that

is going to make my strawberry skin so

much worse and sometimes I will actually

have hair grow back and there will be

like a scab formed over the hair

follicle because I have shaved with

anything other than conditioner because

it just dries out my legs too much so

obviously by using conditioner it's

gonna soften the skin on your legs and

it's also gonna soften the hair on your

legs so that way when you're shaving

it's a lot less abrasive so another

reason why shaving with conditioner is

so crucial for me and it will be crucial

for a lot of you guys is because for

those of us with a really thick leg hair

shaving with like a shaving cream or

just like regular soap is just not gonna

do the trick you need to use something

that is going to actually soften the

hair on your legs especially if it's

really thick like my hair is let's say

that the hair on your legs is super

thick and you're shaving with like a

drying shaving cream you're probably not

gonna get a close shave and that is just

gonna make your strawberry skin even

more apparent and also the regrowth is

not going to be as itchy it won't be

itching your legs as much won't be

irritating your skin as much and it's

just really helpful in getting rid of

strawberry legs so of course I just

apply the conditioner on my legs and

then I shave using the bic soleil razors

these are my favorite rays

I've been using these ever since I was

in high school so like over 10 years and

while there are a lot of people who say

that they also really like the bic

soleil razors I've also read some

comments of people saying that these

razors didn't really work well for them

because everyone's hair is different

everyone's skin is different I can't

recommend one razor that will work well

for everyone all I can say is definitely

don't use a razor with two blades

because that's just not gonna give you a

close enough shave and that is not going

to do anything to get rid of your

strawberry legs if you use a cheap two

blade razor you're probably gonna be

left with stubble on your legs and

that's only gonna make your strawberry

legs worse also I always shave with the

water off in the shower first of all it

saves water it's good for the

environment but also just in relation to

strawberry skin if you shave with the

water on then you're potentially going

to rinse off a lot of the conditioner

that's on your legs and that's

problematic because then you could

potentially be shaving over dry skin

which will certainly not help your

strawberry leg situation okay so the

next step is one of my favorite steps

that I do in like my body care routine

and this is my DIY body butter so after

I've shaved I've rinsed off the

conditioner I'm out of the shower I've

dried off my legs

I then moisturized my legs thoroughly

using this DIY shea butter / jojoba oil

body butter this is intense this is

heavy duty and if strawberry skin for

you is intensified by dry skin then this

may be a lifesaver for you and also not

that it matters what guys think but I

have used this before and Edwin has

commented that when is my boyfriend he's

commented on how smooth my legs look and

feel so that is kind of just like it

Outsiders and Outsiders proof that this

really does work to make my DIY Body

Butter I use 3/4 cup of shea butter and

about 3 to 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil

to be honest with you guys I don't use

exact measurements I kind of just

eyeball it as I go but that's just like

a guesstimate for the measurements for

my body butter

I mix this together with a hand mixer

until it looks and feels like butter



and then I move this into a small mason

jar as you guys can see and I'm able to

use this for about two weeks the key

here is to use this well for me at least

after showering on my legs regardless of

if I have shaved or not if I don't

consistently moisturize my legs every

single day then my strawberry skin only

gets worse and also using this on my

legs every day has helped to keep my

legs incredibly smooth and soft in

combination with all of the other steps

that I told you guys about just related

to keeping your legs moisturized by the

time I go on to shave my legs they feel

like baby skin there's just no way for

them to get irritated or red there's no

way for the pores to get clogged or

anything like that



and also shea butter has a shelf life of

two years but I did have one person

comment on a video previously that I

made where I showed you guys my body

butter recipe and someone said that

whipped shea butter has a shorter shelf

life so I've tried to like do some

research I haven't really been able to

find much but just to be on the safe

side I only make enough so that it lasts

about two weeks so if any of you guys

know anything about the shelf life of

whipped shea butter please let me know

in the comments below because I

definitely don't want to be using this

if it's expired and also I store this in

a dry cool place now that is my full

routine to get rid of strawberry legs

but I do have three general tips for you

guys to keep in mind when you're caring

for your skin to help get rid of

strawberry legs so the first tip that I

have is that shaving should be the very

last thing that you do in the shower and

this is because when you're in the

shower the warm water is obviously going

all over your body and it's going to

help to soften the skin and hair on your

legs if you shave right when you get in

the shower then your legs are not going

to be as soft as they would be had you

waited until the very end waiting until

the end of the shower to shave ensures

that my legs are as smooth as possible

which reduces irritation when shaving my

second tip is to store your razor out of

the shower whenever you are not shaving

so basically the reason behind this is

that when your razors in the shower if

you're not using the razor if someone

else is taking the shower or whatever

the case may be if the razors just

sitting there and there's water pouring

in the shower then your razor is

potentially going to get rusty a lot

faster as I've been saying throughout

this entire video from my experience

irritation when shaving only contributes

more to strawberry legs and just makes

the strawberry legs look worse so if

you're shaving with a razor that is

rusty for me at least that always

irritates my skin and I've only done it

when like it was unbeknownst to me that

the razor was rusting until I

took a second look it never ends well

and that's just so dangerous so to avoid

that store your razor somewhere where

it's cool room temperature low humidity

so that it stays you know nice and dry

yes so I just store my razor in the

cabinet in my bathroom and that's

totally fine and then whatever I'm gonna

shave I just bring it in the shower with

me and then put it back when I'm done

and my last tip is the frequency of

shaving and how that contributes to

strawberry legs so I have found that

when I don't shave often enough when my

hair regrows after I've shaved it is so

incredibly itchy somehow that gives me

strawberry legs I think maybe it's

because like my pores are exposed for

the first time and maybe like after

weeks of not shaving the hair follicles

started to build up bacteria I don't

know the scientific reason and then if I

shave too often that's just as bad

because I'm literally gonna be shaving

stubble sometimes I will actually bleed

the shave will not be as close my

strawberry legs may look more apparent

and I often get those scabs on the hair

follicles or on the poor which

intensifies my strawberry skin like

times 100 as I mentioned previously I

shave once a week to once every week and

a half

everyone's hair grows at a different

rate so I can't give you guys like a

solid recommendation for how often you

should be shaving to avoid strawberry

legs but just my general rule of thumb

would be to shave your legs

once you past the stubble period but not

to the point where your hair is like

super long where you can comb through it

alright guys so this has been how I get

rid of strawberry legs I really hope you

enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful

if you guys have any other tips that I

did not cover in this video please leave

them in the comments below if you guys

would like to see a video discussing how

I shave down there I will put that video

right here and also if you guys would

like to see a video where I show you

guys my pregnancy pamper routine I will

put that video right here

again thank you guys so much for

watching I love all of you and I will

talk to you guys next time