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How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs (4 Easy Steps)

boxelder bugs spend most of their time

outdoors on rocks trees and logs but

come winter they'll infest our homes to

stay warm and by spring they'll emerge

from hiding and appear throughout our

living spaces in this video we'll show

you how to treat your infestation and

how to prevent boxelder bugs from coming

back next winter if you'd like to shop

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below box elder bugs measure to be about

half an inch in length and a third of an

inch wide they're shaped similarly to

sunflower seeds but they have

distinctive red and orange lines on the

thorax wings and along the edges of

their bodies start by inspecting the

outer perimeter of your structure

overwintering pests can use features

like vents or chimneys to access our

homes they can also use openings found

along walls among door seals window

frames utility openings and cracks

within the foundation also note any

damaged or missing window screens

indoors you're looking for pest activity

overwintering pests will cluster

together around heat sources or hide and

enclosed cracks and crevices you can

check behind and under large appliances

that generate heat look underneath

plumbing and behind electrical plates

check your cabinets and cupboards

finally look in less frequented parts of

your home like your attic or basement

for spots hidden away in tight spaces

before starting be sure to wear your

personal protective equipment or PPE

especially when you handle any chemicals

begin treatment with reclaim IT reclaim

ITT is a liquid repellent insecticide

concentrate that's labeled to control

over 70 different pests and offers a

residual of up to 90 days the mix rate

can vary for different pests so always

read the label for proper mix and usage

rates since we're using reclaim as a

perimeter treatment use one ounce of

reclaim per gallon of water per thousand

square feet with a pump sprayer add the

water add reclaim

shake the sprayer and you're ready to

start create a barrier around the

structure of your home by spraying three

feet up the structure and three feet


next spray areas around windows doors

eaves air vents plumbing garage doors

light fixtures basement or crawlspace

openings and any other openings you may

have found once you've treated your

perimeter start your indoor treatment

with pirate pirate is an insecticide

aerosol that delivers a quick knockdown

but offers no residual use this to flush

out clusters of pests you may have found

to apply pirate in broad areas like

around windows make sure the white

applicator is attached shake the can

well and spray in swift sweeping motions

to apply pirate in tight cracks and

crevices use the provided red applicator

tip simply remove the white applicator

replace it with the red and make sure

the straw is affixed in the spout shake

the can well spray and move the

applicator swiftly along the length of

the crevice keep people and pets away

from treated areas until dry and vapors

have dispersed finally round out your

treatment with defense dust defense dust

is a ready-to-use insecticidal dust

that's perfect for hard-to-reach areas

if left undisturbed this dust can last

up to eight months use a handheld duster

to apply defense dust under appliances

behind baseboards wall voids behind

electrical plates and in the Attic

you can stop boxelder bugs from entering

your home by keeping up with pesticide

treatments and addressing the entry

points you found during your inspection

close up small entry points outside of

your structure with copper mesh and

caulk repair damaged screens and door

seals trim back vegetation including any

overhanging branches from nearby trees

finally be sure to apply reclaim Itt

every 90 days for guaranteed control box

elder bugs can easily take over homes

but you can control them yourself with

these professional products and tips

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