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what's going on my friends welcome to

another Tuesday acne video one of my

favorite videos to make on my channel

because it helps so many people and it's

so genuine the way that it helps people

so that really means a lot to me I got

my hair slicked back you guys haven't

seen the outside of a hat in a long time

and it looks pretty damn stupid but

don't hate on me too much because now

I'm being all self-conscious it's funny

this weekend I was actually hit with a

little bit of a cyst I have one right

here you can't really see it too well

now but it's a little bit of a marble

cyst under the skin and what I did what

I tell everybody to do every single time

don't touch it do not touch it under any

means I ended up getting a big whitehead

and then now it's almost completely gone

you can barely even see it telling you

that's the best way to deal with things

now today's video is all about removing

redness from your face after you've

broken out gotten over your acne or even

while you're in the middle of it but

especially after you've gotten over a

lot of people are end up with clear

faces but they have this really red face

for a year two years and they wonder

what can I do to get rid of this redness

I thought it would be so much better

after it cleared my acne but I still

have all this redness to deal with I

know exactly how they can feel you know

you finally are getting clearer you're

seeing the zits go away a little bit

more but you're still dealing with this

thing that people are asking you about

and it's kind of obnoxious so here are

the tips and all the different things

that I've gotten through the years of

having acne and dealing with it in all

the different trials and errors and

stuff these are the things that I've

found that actually help remove redness

from your face and the first thing that

you can buy to help your redness is aloe

vera gel now not the stuff that has you

know 45 other ingredients in it

literally if you can get just aloe vera

and if you rub aloe vera on your face at

night before you go to bed this can be a

good way to remove redness so this one

is something that I haven't tried myself

but literally the entire time that I had

my acne and also a lot lately

I've been hearing about this over and

over and over and I've read into it and

there are just thousands literally like

thousands of thousands of good reviews

so look into the reviews yourself before

you go into this but vitamin C serum can

be very good for the redness itself and

also for indentation of scars so if you

put that vitamin C serum right on your

scar and your redness it can help a lot

again something you should read into and

finally the thing that I think was the

most effective at all of any topical

thing that I would put on my face any

cream that I would get is retin-a and

retin-a is usually not something you can

get over the counter at least in my

country so you got to talk to your

dermatologist and you say hey man I want

to try retin-a and they'll probably put

you on a lower percentage of like

potency and then it can kick up as you

go I honestly don't really remember the

the percent mine was but it is so nice

because it is a chemical exfoliant

meaning that it takes off that top layer

of dead skin and makes you more

sensitive to the light and all that kind

of stuff so that will make you more red

in that time but it will help your scars

fade up and for me it helped my redness

a ton after I finished up retinas so

those three things are things that I

have personally read into or I have

experienced myself that you can buy and

use on your actual skin and it helps a

lot with the redness now these are the

things that are kind of lifestyle

changes that you're gonna have to kind

of implement into your life to help you

rid of the redness a bit more number one

and super obviously stay out of the Sun

people don't like this one seriously

that I don't know why this one doesn't

get taken seriously it needs to be taken

seriously because your skin when you

have acne prone skin period even without

using a bunch of different chemicals and

stuff being on accutane or any anything

that you're using on your face you

already have sensitive skin and when it

comes to the Sun you're also sensitive

when it comes to the Sun you produce

more oil in your skin and stuff like

that and you're more predisposed to

breaking out from the Sun but also to

redness I have always been prone to

getting red because of my acne or at

least once I started breaking out around

15 but especially for myself once I got

on accutane and then did retin-a the Sun

if I would go out for 15 seconds to walk

from my house to my car and then this is

not an exaggeration I could feel my skin

burning and my face would be more red so

by the time I would you know get from my

house into my car drive to college go

from the parking lot to the class for

about maybe 45 seconds it would make my

face like plump tomato red so try to

stay out of the Sun I know that's hard

if you use hats or something like that

but but seriously if you're really

concerned about your skin being red that

might be a huge problem a lot of times

when we want to get rid of acne when we

get one to get rid of scars when we want

to get rid of redness or whatever we

want to do it in the most effective in

light gut-punching type of way we want

to pick the most like severe treatment

whatever and so we end up using not

gentle you know topical creams and

exponents and stuff so be sure that

you're using a very gentle cleanser

whatever cleanser that you are going to

use whether it's just something like

salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide at

the end of the night or if you're gonna

use some sort of system like Epidaurus

um make sure it's a gentle one that

doesn't make your face more red and

afterwards and also this is one that you

might not think of but make sure that

your moisturizer does not have lots of

alcohols and different things that

irritate you and remember that your skin

is different than everyone else's so you

can't just go off of what everybody says

there are certain ones that will not

work for you like for example and the

reason that I say all this say to Phil

if you've ever heard us say to Phil

moisturizer it is terrible for my skin I

was recommended that by everybody when I

first tried acting you gotta get on say

- Phil is the best thing ever but it

literally made my face a perfect red all

the way to the point where I stopped

using moisturizer to be like a neck line

because it has saddle alcohol why it's

called Cetaphil and for some reason

sable alcohol just breaks me out so make

sure you read the ingredient lists of

everything and then also kind of compare

and contrast and see which ones make you

break out more or less and maybe you'll

find out that stay tall alcohol breaks

you out or makes you red - pretty simple

one right here but if you do use an

exfoliant use it sparingly and do not

crush your face you know if you have

like a walnut spread that you're

supposed to exfoliate your face with the

mechanical exfoliant do not crush your

face with it don't use a loofah and

crush your face I mean it's literally an

abrasion like remember when you fall on

the ground and you slap your wrist and

then you got like that little red mark I

mean same thing you're gonna get a red

mark for you it's getting your face and

abrasion style this one's gonna be

really hard especially for you ladies

out there but finish your showers with

cold water

and you don't have to let it get all

over your entire body it is good to drop

your body heat because that is gonna

contribute also but what I do is I'll

take a hot shower it feels great and

stuff and then I'll turn the cold water

only on and then I'll back my body out

but keep my face pushed into the water

and let the cold water come over your

face I know this kind of sounds like bro

science but for me personally just

helped a lot with redness especially for

those like following for hours after the

shower and usually your showering and

then going and doing something so that's

when you want to not be red my number

one most golden rule that I've said a

hundred million times and I'm sure he's

out of here in it but stop touching your

face period it's gonna make you break

out or make you more red you can

irritate your face everything is bad

about touching your face and it's never

good don't touch your face and the final

thing that I want to point out with all

of this is that it also takes time right

you can try and force anything but not

everything is forcible you do have to be

patient and there's a certain amount of

time that it takes for your body to

change for example for me

my face was completely red for a year

after accutane and I wish I would have

documented it more I wish it would have

take more photos and things like that

but my face was extremely red after

accutane and lots of things would make

it more red if I would get hot even just

slightly hot my face would turn right

red immediately so keep in mind that it

takes a certain period of time for your

face to stop being red after your active

breakouts and it's a different amount of

time for every person some people will

recover from the redness very quickly

and some people will have it for years

in using and years and years you know

any meeting you might think that it's

not going to ever go away but it will so

that is it for this video a very simple

one this time because the topic itself

doesn't need me to you know go off into

long tangent and stuff I feel like these

are some very solid tips and again these

are things that have helped me a lot

personally so I feel like these are the

best things that I can offer you out of

all the different things that I tried so

hopefully by trying some of these things

you find some things that help alleviate

the redness for you and you also kind of

find a course of action that makes you

feel like you're you're taking good

steps towards getting yourself not red

again like I said earlier in the video

these are some of my favorite videos to

make because I know that for those of

you who this does help it helps you guys

and mentally and you guys are so vocal

about that and for that I'm so grateful

it's hard to ever feel really down on

yourself when you have people coming in

to your messages and saying you've

helped me so much even with just that

last video I made last week so thank you

guys so much for doing that there really

means the world to me

and it's inspired me and makes me want

to make better acne videos so if you

guys have an idea of what would be a

better style of acne video please throw

it at me I kind of want to do videos

where I address multiple questions at

once so we have multiple answers

multiple topics in one video so I might

start doing that but regardless leave

all acne questions that you have below

this video and I'll figure out what to

do with them but leave me in any

question you have it all that someone

who has been through severe acne and

scarring and redness and all that kind

of stuff and accutane can have

experience and answers on because I am

here for you guys alright that's it

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