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SCALP ACNE & ITCHY DANDRUFF | How To Get Rid of It Completely!

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

so I guess if you read the title of this

video or you're coming to this video

because you're curious about it or maybe

you're having this problem yourself

I had these weird outbreaks on my scalp

that was it looked like acne and I

didn't really know how to deal with it

obviously because I've never really had

acne I mean yes I would have the odd

pimple now then also just because it was

on my scalp it was just a weird area to

get it like I've never really heard of

people having acne on their scalp and

most of the acne products that you do

find are more based on your face but

there isn't really like an acne shampoo

I've never heard of it about a year ago

I started noticing that my scalp was

getting very itchy all the time I would

wash my hair and then right away it

would be itchy so I would be like

scratching and then I've noticed that

there's this weird bump so then I would

take a mirror and kind of part my hair

where that bump was and then I'd see

this little red bump that looked like a

pimple I mean sometimes I would just be

like a red bump but sometimes it would

be filled with like the gross you know

how pimples look but gross like yellow

stuff that you want to squeeze and get

that out and then I would like pick at

it which I know isn't great obviously I

know this is like maybe it really grows

to some of you but this is just

something that I felt like I wanted to

talk about on YouTube which I honestly

have never seen anyone talk about this I

would get these little scabby bits I

couldn't like remove the old scabs

because it's like stuck between your

hair so I'd like try to pull them out

between my hair it was just gross

and I was just sick of getting them and

I didn't really know how to treat them

so I just started trying out all these

different shampoos and nothing really

worked and I felt like because I was

using all these different shampoos I

don't know if I was caused by the

shampoos or if it was just cause because

I was scratching my scalp a lot I felt

like I was getting dandruff in certain

areas maybe some areas were like very

dry so I was getting this like scaly

scalp issue so that when I would scratch

I felt like I had dandruff all in my

hair so then I started using like anti

dandruff shampoos like they're sort of

more traditional kind like I went to

Head & Shoulders it was probably one of

the worst shampoos I've ever used in my

life like I can

absolutely not recommend head and

shoulders at all it didn't take care of

the dandruff at all it left like a gross

residue so then I tried out sulfate free

and like really gentle shampoos because

I thought oh like these D shampoos must

be like irritating my scalp I felt some

of those shampoos were so gentle that my

scalp still felt gross and greasy

afterwards then I started doing a little

bit more research on acne in general

it's basically just like regular acne

you know it's basically a sebaceous

gland that is producing the sebum to

push out and maybe it's being blocked

then you get this little pimple that

kind of becomes red and irritated since

I've started using this shampoo and just

these couple products that those

problems have completely gone away I

haven't had a scalp pimple or acne since

I started using this shampoo and these

products so I wanted to share you share

with you guys what I'm using I started

using this shampoo by couch this is

actually a swiss product maybe you can

find this on amazon the hoof lotte aunty

shopping shampoo it's an herbal shampoo

made for anti dandruff so it is

basically an anti-dandruff shampoo and

the basically a lot of anti dandruff

shampoos contain one of two ingredients

they contain salicylic acid which is

often used also in acne treatment stuff

your skin and sometimes they also

contain zinc there is actually also

salicylic acid in here this actually is

a natural shampoo cacao which is kind of

a natural line like a lot of their

shampoos and stuff use natural

ingredients natural herbs and stuff that

are mildly fungicidal so they combat any

kind of fungus that you might have now I

don't think my my scalp acne was caused

by fungus but you you know sometimes

people who do have dandruff do have like

a fungus so that works mildly fungicidal

active complex of coltsfoot burdock root

extract as well as pre-cut own ol Amin I

mean I don't even know what this stuff

is anyway I was just like there know

to make sort of more natural herbal kind

of products no this is not sponsored by

this brand I just put this myself and

honestly since I started using this the

problems have pretty much gone away the

only thing is this stuff smells kind of

weird it smells very herbal II it

doesn't have sort of that classic salon

style shampoo fragrance which is

actually good for me because I honestly

think that all that fragrance stuff was

maybe actually irritating my scalp and

this is actually like a concentrate so

you only need a tiny amount there's not

a whole lot in here this is kind of an

expensive shampoo it's only 200

milliliters you only need a little bit

because it's like concentrated so it

really lathers up well the second

ingredient is actually sodium laureth

sulfate which is a surfactant which

helps to build lather with the non

sulfate shampoos I've tried a bunch of

them and I always felt like my hair was

still gross after I never really felt

like my hair felt clean after I think

the sodium laureth sulfate is more

gentle than the sodium lauryl sulfate so

anyway I stopped the itchy scalp so my

scalp was no longer itchy so I wasn't

scratching my head as much and maybe

that also helped because I guess if

you're scratching and then you like get

to the the place where there's like a

pimple or acne you may be you might be

spreading the bacteria around stuff if I

do find a spot I will actually use this

on a q-tip and dab it on top and this is

the effaclar by la roche Posie so this

is like a clearing toner astringent that

is made for a sort of more acne prone

skin you can use this on your face too

if you have face acne and stuff soak the

q-tip with this and then just dab it

exactly in whatever area there was like

a little pimple kind of like it's a

micro exfoliating thing and it helps to

exfoliate so I stopped basically using

conditioner on my hair if you have long

hair you might feel like your hair feels

super dry if you don't use conditioner

but since my hair is now much shorter

than it used to be you guys probably

remember when I had really long hair I

feel like since my hair is shorter I

don't really need to condition the ends

as much because they get cut much more

frequently so if you do have long hair

and you're having acne breakouts on your

scalp what I would recommend is really

only try to apply conditioner to the

ends try not to get any of the

dinner on your scalp because the

conditioner basically leaves behind this

slick and slippery feeling but that is

also basically building up on your scalp

and you don't want your pores to get

blocked at all your hair feels squeaky

clean after like my scalp has that

squeaky clean feeling it treats the acne

the best any of these shampoos that

already leave your hair kind of feeling

detangled and smooth and slighty with

the the silicone in it so this does not

contain any silicone so I would highly

recommend to avoid any kind of silicone

shampoos because the silicone is already

like a buildup and you don't want to be

blocking any of the pores on your scalp

with anything it feels almost like a

clarifying shampoo and I like that

feeling but I guess if you do have long

or especially color treated hair that

might be hard because it might be hard

to brush out your hair to nourish my

hair a little bit I just apply

conditioner when I get out of the shower

and I use a leave-in treatment so right

now I'm actually using this product this

is by L'Oreal professional it's the Seri

expert it comes in like a pump I squeeze

out like one and a half pumps and I only

work that into the front of my hair

basically these pieces here these are

the pieces in my hair that get dry the

rest of my hair doesn't get dry so I

don't put this all over my hair and all

over my scalp I basically just put my

hair forward put the leave-in

conditioner here on the ends work it in

and that's it and really try to avoid

using conditioner on your scalp and

honestly since I've made those changes

like using those products especially

stopping to use all this conditioner

stuff using these two products on my


I mean basically I don't really even

need this now because I haven't had a

breakout in a really long time I

basically just use the shampoo and it's

like so simplified my routine in the

shower I just use this and that's it I

don't do leave-in treatments anymore I

don't do any of that I don't feel like

my hair needs it might have virgin hair

I don't have colored hair my roots would

get oily and then I would use dry

shampoo so I would be spraying in this

dry shampoo which is like another layer

of product that you're putting on your

scalp or using lots of heavy like

styling products and stuff each thing

that you're adding is basically clogging

up your scalp so you want to kind

minimize your hair products and things

that you're using and just start washing

your hair more frequently and I know

that kind of goes against what a lot of

stuff you hear on YouTube here is like

oh I wash my hair once a week I don't

know how people do that I personally

find that pretty gross especially if you

lead an active lifestyle like I go work

out three times a week so if I were to

wash my hair once a week that would be

absolutely disgusting I wash my hair

every other day and if I'm working out I

will for sure wash my hair since I

started washing my hair more frequently

with this shampoo my acne scalp acne has

been totally taken care of if you have

scalp acne you need to start washing

your hair a bit more frequently and

especially massaging it into your scalp

because you might be having product


dry shampoo buildup oils and stuff

that's like clogging those sebaceous

glands I know for some people who maybe

have very dry hair that might be hard to

do but that's really what's helped me

think about maybe getting a haircut if

your hair is really long more program

washing less conditioning using the

right products and just kind of

simplifying all the things I'm putting

in my hair I don't really use a lot of

styling products and stuff so I hope

this video has been helpful to some of

you guys I know can be very an annoying

problem to deal with

you know if you guys know about great

product that's available in like another

part of the world maybe North America

that works really great for that kind of

issue you mean post in the comments and

other people can get some suggestions

you know this product is a Swiss product

so maybe you can buy it on Amazon or

something I'm gonna see if I can find it

somewhere thank you guys so much for

watching and I will see you soon bye