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Best Ways To GET RID of Large Pores!

today let's talk about large pores raise

your hand if you got them no you watch

this video because you do and if you're

like me grew up with large pores and

large pores can feel very hard to deal

with because they feel very noticeable

and if you're someone who like for

example wears makeup because your pores

are larger it can create more of a

textured look to your face so today

let's talk about what we can do to make

them smaller and to make our skin look

tighter now stick around to the end of

the video because my best tip is gonna

be shared right at the end now let's

dive right into it we're gonna be

looking at two sources of information

the first one being the American Academy

of Dermatology and the second one being

health line which is a very respectable

source of information that is backed up

with scientific studies now what health

line says is that pores are all over

your face you have tiny holes everywhere

and basically a hair comes through it

it's your hair follicle sebum and sweat

and oil and dirt comes through it but

some of us are predisposed to having

larger pores now what they say is that

there is no way and no reason to close

your pores completely we do still need

the function but they said that there

are ways to make them appear less

prominent on our skin so let's dive into

what they say so the first thing that

they say is to wash with cleansers they

said this can help reduce and eliminate

acne which can actually make your pores

look more prominent and it can also keep

your pores clear up dirt and clogs so

that is going to help tighten your skin

now they suggest a salicylic acid

cleanser and this has been shown in many

studies to actually improve mild to

moderate severity acne whereas more

severe acne with like cystic acne and

things like that

salicylic acid has not shown to be as

promising but you should use the

cleanser every single day I personally

use the gentle mint cleanser from vanish

which is really really nice and

sensitive so for people with sensitive

skin like me it doesn't cause my face to

get inflamed and inflammation and

irritation also causes your force to

look bigger second up this one is

actually really interesting they say to

use topical retinoids now retinoids and

retinol is basically a vitamin a

derivative and it's been shown to do a

ton of really good things for your skin

it helps to remove the top layer of dead

in which helps to show the new layers of

skin underneath which are much smoother

and much more healthy-looking

it also helps to reduce clogs in your

pores by doing that and eliminating that

top layer of dead skin and one of the

things that's very interesting is that

you can get retinol over the counter

which is a less concentrated less

effective version of this but then

retinoids are something you can only get

from a prescription from your

dermatologist but there is actually only

one over-the-counter product that has

retinoids instead of retinol that's

available for you to buy anywhere so so

that product is called different adapt

alene gel which is a point one percent

concentration you can get that on like

Amazon or any website and that has a

very potent version of vitamin A and

that can help reduce the appearance of

your pores the third thing the health

line suggest for us to do is go in a

steam room and they said that while your

pores will enlarge in the steam room

because of the heat they'll return back

to the normal size and during that

process of being in the steam room it

can actually help to remove some of the

dirt and get some of the oil flowing now

I don't know if I really believe this

one but I felt like I should mention it

as well now the fourth one that they

recommend is using an essential oil on

your face now they say anti-inflammatory

essential oils such as clove and

cinnamon bark oil have been shown to

banish bacteria from your skin it can

also give you a balanced looking skin

and maybe smaller looking pores mix your

active ingredient oil with a gentle

carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba

oil before flying to your face so that

is something that is very important you

never want to put essential oil straight

on your face because it is very strong

very potent and can irritate your face

you want to dilute it with a good

moisturizer or a good oil like jojoba

oil also witch hazel I've heard is

really good and I've seen people will

have great results from using it and if

you have ever used witch hazel it really

does make your feet of your face feel

very tight the fifth thing that they

suggest is to exfoliate your skin now if

you've ever exploited your skin with

physical exfoliators so like for example

like a walnut scrub you can tell that

it's pretty abrasive and your face is

probably pretty irritated and the reason

why is because it's called a

a physical mechanical exfoliation when

you do something that's rubbing

something into your face and that's

actually really bad for your face it's

generally very irritating and that can

cause acne and it can actually increase

the size and look of your pores now I

should make note that we are not

actually talking about increasing or

decreasing the size of our pores we're

talking about increasing or decreasing

the appearance of our pores so a

chemical exfoliation is actually what

you should do because it's a lot less of

your tank or your skin so healthier for

your skin but can give you the same

effect of tightening your skin up

removing that top layer of dead skin and

allowing that new layer of collagen and

new fresh skin to appear which does look

tighter the one that I use is the

pumpkin enzyme mask from banished and

they have glycolic acid in here which is

an alpha hydroxy acid which is one of

the most studied and most suggested by

dermatologists chemicals for you to do a

chemical peel or a chemical exfoliant

with there's tons of studies that prove

that it has huge benefits for our skin

but that is definitely one of my

favorite products of all time so

definitely check that out

you can go to banish Brian calm and use

brian 5 for a discount on that and

number six they say to use a clay mask

now we've all heard of clay masks before

we probably all used the Amazonian clay

that it's probably on Amazon at this

point but it says that in 2012 the

appearance of acne lesions was reduced

by 54 percent in a study and they also

are saying that it can help dry the

sebum out from underneath your pores so

basically the oil under your skin and it

can pull some of the impurities out of

your face as well which can give you a

tighter appearance well the last thing

that they say on health line is to try a

chemical peel so that it's literally

exactly what I just said one ago so

chemical peel with glycolic acid

absolutely great thing to do now that is

everything that Health Line has on their

website let's quickly look over at the

American Academy of Dermatology and see

what they say and we'll wrap this up now

they say a lot of the same things that

helpline said which is actually really

great to me because these are both two

very respected Institute's so that shows

me that the treatments the things that

they're telling us to do are agreed upon

by multiple people that they can help

reduce the appearance

of your pores so they talk about

cleansing your face twice a day if you

are able to using a retinol or retinol

they say treating acne can help your

poor appearance because when you have

acne it does increase the appearance of

your pores because you are having like

these larger holes like you know when

you get rid of a pimple sometimes

there's like a hole left behind so they

say try to treat your acne which is like

such an open-ended thing like right how

do we get rid of acne this is another

cool thing that they say though is treat

sagging skin so they say that sagging

skin can increase the appearance of our

pores because it can elongate those

pores they don't give actually any

suggestions for that except to see a

dermatologist or a skin professional to

see the procedures you can do they say

be gentle with your skin the more you

irritate it the more your your pore size

will increase in appearance and finally

they say exfoliate so just like I said a

chemical exfoliant is probably one of

the best things that you can do off of

these lists to improve the tightness of

your skin and you'll feel it right after

you finish chemical exfoliant your face

will feel fresh and it will feel much

tighter of course followed up with a

moisturizer because your face will be a

bit dried out and you do want to make

sure that your face is nice and moist so

that you don't have more acne pop up

which then makes your pores look bigger

again so there we go guys there are all

the things that you can do to tighten

your skin up and reduce the appearance

of your pores I hope that you guys

enjoyed this video and I know that you

have some suggestions as well to leave

so let us all know in the comments below

what you have seen an improvement in

your pore size by doing and also

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vanish has everything that I think is

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scarring redness discoloration and even

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check that out vanish Brian calm

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