get rid

Get rid of pimples in 3 minutes all natural!!!

hey guys today I wanted to help you up

and show you a way so that you can get

rid of your big fat ugly as it's fast I

find that I constantly get by worse

looking pimples on the days where it

matters the most

whether it's taking pictures foreplay

that image or going to a summer camp or

just general camp and getting the

biggest pimple of my life I have really

really bad luck with it so I wanted to

show you a technique that I use to get

rid of pimples really quickly or at

least make them look not quite as

present it's really helpful and I've

used it several times and it works

really well and the nice thing about

this is that you don't need any fancy

medications or things that you won't be

able to find just by looking at any old

kitchen because the ingredients of this

mixture are just salt and water that's

right really really easy okay so what

we're going to do is I have my water

here and you're not actually going to

need this much but yeah I got that much

out anyways and all you need is sea salt

crystals it's really easy and I hope you

enjoy it okay so what we're going to do

is we are going to take a cotton pad

right here and we are going to wet it so

I'm just going to dunk it in the water

and then I'm gonna wring it out Oh

ring ring ring okay so now this thing is

dripping wet literally and I'm going to

take my salt shaker and I am just going


put some salt crystals on here so I'm

just yeah so I accidentally got them all

over my table so I'm just like picking

them up right now if you were careful

yeah you wouldn't be running into this


so I've got salt crystals on here and

all I want to do is find a specific salt

crystal I'm going to rub it against my

face I'm just going to hold it here

because I've got a bit of acne right

along you know the inside of my nose and

I'm going to hold it there now if I was

going to want to cover it up I'd hold it

there for about three minutes and then

just look at it I want to clean it out

with just plain water just rinse it off

to make sure that the oils that are

coming out of there are going to be

permanently got rid of so you don't get

like a outburst again of your pimples

but um so you just hold this pad there

for about three minutes

and presto you have a reduced pimple so

basically what's going to happen it's

not going to completely go away

immediately within about an hour it

should but it's going to close it up and

within those three minutes it's going to

greatly reduce the size of it it's going

to make it look like it's a couple days

old and by the end of an hour maybe two

hours you should be completely rid of

that pimple and then you'll just want to

put on a bit of cover-up because it's

possible that there's going to be a bit

of redness but you're not going to have

this big huge lump on your nose so

there's a natural easy way to get rid of

your pimples and the best thing about it

is that it you can do it anywhere so

long as you have salt water and a pad

okay well I hope you guys enjoyed this

tutorial and that you find it useful if

you guys want to let me know how it

works just comment down below thanks