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How To Cover Nose REDNESS (And MAKE IT LAST) | MakeupAndArtfreak

hey guys it's Tina welcome back to my

channel in today's thing I'm going to

show you how to cover redness on your

nose now this video is actually relevant

for any other area of your face but I

just find that especially during this

time of the year during the winter time

the cold months of the year a lot of

people get sick and get stuffy and get

cold and that makes your nose look a lot

more red or pink tone so I've had a lot

of people most people have issues

especially on with the nose area when it

comes to redness now I've had a little

cold so my nose is a little bit red sale

underneath all of this is a lot less

noticeable when I don't have makeup on

but once I match my foundation to my

face and I just lift the nose

bare and I don't touch the nose then it

looks a lot more noticeable you're going

to see in a second in the beginning of

the video now obviously it's a lot

faster and a lot quicker than in this

video I just take my time to explain

anything that I do then obviously this

video is going to be a little bit longer

than it actually takes but it's really

easy to follow so if you want to see how

to cover nose witness or any other

witness then just keep on watching okay

so my nose looks ridiculous right now

it's actually even worse in person than

it is on camera but anyways actually

picked on it a little bit and I kind of

touched it just to make it a little bit

more red for the sake of the video so

you can really see how to cover redness

but anyways um let's get started first

you want to start with a primer now

first of all I want to say that it's

gonna look like a lot of products on

your nose but first of all we're using

really thin layers so it's really not

dot full coverage and second of all when

you have a red nose like this then you

don't really care right you just want to

cover it and make it last all day long

so it will just cover the redness so who

cares anyway we're going to start with a

primer that will make the makeup last

longer everything that we put on top

last all day and also to smooth any

thick boards that you might have

knows to make the makeup go on smoother

so I'm just going to start with you make

it forever

step one skin equalizer and this is the

smoothing one and I'm just going to take

a little of my finger and apply it on my

nose so then um sometimes especially on

the nose I find that for filling primers

might some of them make the foundation

that goes on top break throughout the

day just break down on the nose so you

want to use something that is going to

help the foundation stick to it

so right after I applied this one just

to smooth the surface of my nose I'm

going to go over with the skin maybe and

make a primer spirit spray this is the

oil control one but you can use any one

of them and what that's going to do is

just going to help the foundation and

the concealer that we're going to use on

top of it

stick to it better and lasts all day

long so I'm just going to spray it

obviously I don't do my makeup like my

face makeup and zdenda knows I do the

nose with the whole face makeup but just

for the sake of this video opening down

with my makeup so usually I would spray

this all over my face not although my

nose okay so now we want to go with a

color corrector now you want to use a

green or a mint green undertone

concealer or color corrector if you have

the primer for makeup fervor for redness

which comes in a green tube then you can

use that one instead and just keep this

step and just use it as a primer and as

a color corrector all in one and then

spray with the makeup primer spray and

move on to the next steps but if you

don't then you can you just use a green

toned color corrector or concealer or

anything like that I'm going to use this

little color that I have I'm going to

use this mint color I'm going to use my

Beauty Blender to apply that so I'm

taking just

little bit on the tip of the sponge like

this and it's going to dab that on my

nose now you don't want to use too much

because you don't want your nose to a

green obviously even underneath the

foundation but what this is going to do

is just to neutralize the redness so it

just eliminates the redness and you can

see that right now my nose with this

mint green concealer on almost looks

white you feel closely it almost looks

white just because it cancels out the

redness neutralizes it and just makes it

looks white so now we have a great base

to put the foundation on so now I can

just go over with your regular

foundation I'm just going to go with you

Maybelline fit me matte and poreless on

top using my Beauty Blender and then me

personally I would like to contour my

nose so I'm just going to go over with a

cream contour using the Anastasia color

cream contour kit but you don't have to

do that if you are not contouring your

nose just keep this day

and now I can go ahead and set it I'm

going to use the Maybelline fit me matte

and poreless powder face powder and with

my Sigma F 20 brush is going to powder

my nose

again usually I do it all over the face

but since I already have my face done

I'm just going to put it on my nose then

I have to go over with a powder contour

I'm just going to use the L'Oreal

infallible Pro contour kit in light I'm

going to use this contour shade with my

Sigma e35 brush just to go over the

contour intensify it a little bit again

this is the step that you don't have to

do has nothing to do with the redness

coverage just what I like to do so I'm

just going to contour my nose a little

bit and I'm just going to take that I

can change with my Sigma I fold three

brush just highlight the top of my nose

and the tip of my nose a little bit and

then lastly I like to lock it in place

with a finishing spray this is the

Scandinavian makeup finishing spray in

oil control again because I have oily

skin I just spray it all over my face

when I'm done this person only knows

right now because I already have it on

all over my face and this is going to do

is just lock everything in place make it

stay all day and last longer and it will

also absorb any excess powder that you

might have on your nose so it won't look

powdery and just keeps everything in

place it makes it look a little more

natural well as natural as it can be so

as you can see that's it that's how you

cover redness around your nose you can

also use these tricks to cover any

redness all around your face actually

but I just find that a lot of people

have the problem especially on the nose

especially now during winter time so I

really hope that you enjoyed it that you

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