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HOW TO CLEAN A MOLDY SHOWER (super satisfying clean with me!)

hey guys and welcome back to doing a to

dine with Kathryn today is a super

satisfying cleaning video this is an

older home so if you have a bathroom

from like the 60s 70s and 80s it can be

tough to clean I have the best secret

and it is less than three dollars you

won't believe these results this is

really bad this is probably one of the

worst cases that I've seen but you guys

we are gonna tackle this and you really

need to clean out a shower or tub go for

toilet bowl cleaner the magic secret is

Clorox with clinging bleach gel and

you're gonna use this right in your

shower it's gonna bleach away all of the

mold all of the mildew and do it fast

and the cleaning part is gonna help it

stay in the grout lines you want to run

this along all of the grout lines and

it's okay if it drips down and also

along the base of the tub now what you

want to do is also put some paper towel

on top of it because it is gonna want to

fall off like the way the tub is sloped

and let it sit from between 30 minutes

to 1 hour it kind of looks like a green

bloody scene and then I use paper towel

all the way around just to kind of hold

some of the product on those really

really moldy spots then you want to take

a scrub brush now the key when finding

these is to get a tile cleaning brush

with really firm bristles

if the bristles are very soft to the

touch it's not going to work and you can

find these at the hardware store or even

the dollar store make sure you're

wearing gloves and that the area is

super well ventilated because you are

working with bleach and don't wear nice

clothes either this is really stupid

what I'm wearing in the fact I don't

have a face mask on like if you're using

bleach you should probably probably see

that but you

why practice what you preach all of that

grime is going to come right off if you

have really set in stains you might want

to even leave this overnight when you

finish pour a bucket of warm water over

all the walls of the shower or just let

the shower run for a bit to remove all

of the product the before-and-after is



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