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CAUSES OF RED LIPS THEIR TREATMENT, why are my lips red, does HIV cause it, chapped, cracked lips

The normal colour of our lips ranges from pink to brown and actually these lips are very

important to the body. They not only provide the beauty of the face, but also protect the

teeth from harsh environment conditions. Actually we should understand that the

lips provide a very important role during chewing. And they also aid in spoken languages.

Check on yourself if you can initially letter B M or P without using lips, so it becomes

quite very hard for you to mention those letters without using lips.So lips are very important in spoken languages.

They also help us in during the unspoken languages for example, when you are expressing

yourself during sadness, happiness and so on. You know how you can look lips can

provide that expression for you. They actually act as accessory organ for food before

you put food in the mouth and that's why we find that when babies are crying

they usually put some soup on the lips and you find them licking the lips that is the

sensory mechanism the lips are giving to the body. And lastly lips act as a sexual organ

you understand that during kissing any human being can be sexually aroused.

So what can turn these nice-looking pink brown lips to become red. Most people

actually may look at a person with red lips they think about the person having

HIV this is not completely true.There are some and several causes of red lips

which am going to give you here. Number one is trauma actually some people get red lips

because of excessive chewing. When you chew a lot you get inflammation of the

lips which is called Chilitis and inflammation of the lips will lead to

redness of those lips. Also people with dentures that are poorly fitting can cause

inflammation of those lips and they become red. Some other reasons as to why

lips can become red is because of allergy some people have allergy

to certain chemicals for example the lipstick and many other chemicals

the lotions and so on when you apply them on to your face they can redden the lips.And the

most important issue here is infections. Infections can cause

reddening of lips and the examples of infections that that can cause reddening of lips

are the fungal infections the candida of this world the

bacterial infections and viral infections now in viral infections

that's where we come up with HIV/Aids yes it's true HIV can lead

to inflammation of those lips and become red but it is not entirely only

one that causes reddening of lips. Human simplex virus or what they call HSV

this is also an infection which can be acquired via sexual route is also one of the factors

that can lead to redness of lips.Another cause of redness of lips can be

leukemias. Leukemias are blood cancers and this condition is called leukemia Labials.

Then lastly it can be as an issue of genetic predisposition when someone has

a mutation in some genes can end up having red lips.So can red lips really be treated. this depends some red lips can

go on their own they are self-limiting they can disappear on their own however if we

bring issues like difficult in breathing, swelling of the lips, difficult in

swallowing, high body temperature or fever plus an altered mental status

you can now have treatment for them.Treatment depends on the cause if it's an allergy

stop applying that lipstick or stop applying that detergent or a lotion on your body then

It will go. If it's a bacteria, go to the hospital treat the bacteria infection its easy you

know how to check for bacterial infections in blood and so on take swabs

so you can get treatment for that. If it's a viral infection the same thing most

viral infections we give tropical treatments we give you a tube you can apply

and there fore the red lips can disappear.If it's a viral infection same thing you

apply or you take medicine for that particular virus. Thank you very

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