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6 Ways to treat Butt Sweat, Fungus, Itching AkA Swamp Butt!

hey real quick have you ever gone

through Midway's of the day and you

start getting that sweaty soggy whip

filling in the lower but region of your

of your underwear maybe your pants

starts getting real uncomfortable and

real embarrassing real quick you kind of

hope it dries up and goes away on its

own and maybe it does but that is until

it starts getting really dry and really

itchy trust me I understand you're

probably just dying to go back there and

get it give it a nice good scratch

because it's been driving you nuts all

day but hey you're at school you might

be at work and you might even be on a

date you can't be doing that in front of

everyone it just looks a little tacky

well we're gonna go over six main ways

to get rid of that smelly wet and just

irritating but fungus aks and most

importantly you don't have to go around

picking out wedgies throughout most of

the day that mean time roll intro hey

what's up YouTube this should man rush

pharmacist and so we're here to get rid

of some of that sweaty butt funkiness

that's killing your day and now that

it's sweating is starting to feel like

soggy diapers is starting to ride up and

starting to feel a little bit

uncomfortable and you again you don't

really want to be pulling that out there

in the middle of the day hey I get it

we're all you need and maybe your butt

just sweats just cuz it likes to sweat

whatever the case is is something that

lots of people actually go through even

though it doesn't necessarily help with

the embarrassment factor so step number

one that we have to talk about clothes

so if you live in a warmer climate or if

it's just that time of the season where

it's really hot like summer if you're

not wearing clothes that allows for

great air flow you're starting off on

the wrong foot right off the bat so

certain materials like cotton and

synthetic fabrics are notorious for not

or reducing the amount of airflow that

your body might need to at least dry up

that moisture since there's a lot of

moisture it's the perfect breeding

ground for bacteria and fungus to grow

and what about leads to the problems

that you might be experiencing and don't

even get me started on there the pants

if you're a big butt sweater just say no

to leather pants so wearing more

breathable materials or fabrics like

linen for example are really awesome

especially in the hot and warm climates

just because it allows from

airflow allows it to cool down the body

a little bit and helps reduce or wick

away some of that moisture even if you

have to wear the sports underwear from

companies like Under Armour or Nike or

adidas they specifically make those

materials that help wick away moisture

which are awesome on those hot sunny

days where you know you're gonna be

sweating a lot you're definitely going

to want to go through your closet see

which items are the number one offender

isn't causing the reduce airflow and

increase in sweat maybe save those for

the cooler days where hopefully you

don't sweat as much tip number two still

on clothes you actually got to change it

more often if you know that you have a

sweaty butt funk problem and around the

middle of the day you always tend to

have a pretty soggy pair of underwear is

that you're wearing I would probably

suggest that you either a you got to

have some spare underwear or t-shirts in

your car or to carry it in a bag that

you can have some quick access to run to

the bathroom change out of your drawers

real quick put on a new pair of clean

fresh breathable drawers that's gonna

help you throughout the rest of the day

and ladies I know you like to wear your

leggings during certain aerobic or

exercises say yoga or weightlifting

sometimes even just spin class but in

those cases where you're sitting in one

confined area for a extended period of


he cause a lot of friction and moisture

to build up so when you get off and you

do other exercise routines like your

yoga maybe just stretching you can see

those spots right in the crack of your

butt a lot easier and in that case again

you always want to buy that material

from those sports products like Nike and

Under Armour which have that material

which wicks away a lot of that moisture

and now we're on to trip number three

this is a really important one and

that's your hygiene but here some of you

have it some of you don't some have more

than others think about it is if you're

not cleaning thoroughly with all that

here somebody here can retain a little

bit of that residue so if this looking

like this by the time you're done well

then you're not done yet make sure you

clean all of this out thoroughly you

shouldn't have any extra residue by the

time you're done with your number two he

looking few chocolate this is doodoo

baby okay last thing I'm gonna say about

here if you are the type that tends to

have a little bit more than usual hair

down there well I would suggest go to

your nearest convenience store pick up a

little trimmer trim the hedges and the

bushes down there and make it a little

bit more easier to clean it'll help you

in the future with maintaining

nice and clean environment so a lot of

bacteria and fungus don't grow also

while we're on the topic I might

recommend you guys pick up some of these

cotton L wet wipes a lot of times your

regular toilet paper can be pretty

drying and irritating so in those cases

when you already have an itchy butt you

probably don't want to use anything

that's gonna irritate it any further so

a lot of times in these cases you can

use cotton L flushable wipes so you can

flush them just like you would do normal

toilet paper and for the last part about

hygiene you can also buy antimicrobial

washes that you can use in the shower so

like I said it all starts in the shower

and in the bathroom making sure things

are clean that way if you have a nice

anti microbial wash that you can use

maybe after you use the bathroom you can

take a shower using anti microbial wash

just to make sure you can get through

all the crevices that you may need to

make sure your nice clean and fresh for

the start or the middle of the day so

after you get out of the shower dry off

don't you just dust yourself off your

little powder to help absorb some of

that moisture that you might get

throughout the day and also for some of

you out there who might have a problem

with any of the powders that contain

talc there's actually a lot of them out

there that are powders that don't

actually contain any so there's a really

good one called chassis premium body

powder for men it doesn't contain any

talc and it doesn't leave your butt

smelling like a newborn right after you

apply it it actually lasts throughout

the day pretty long so just think about

picking it up I have a link below if you

want to check it out so maybe you've had

a lot of that moisture accumulate and

maybe it's causing a lot of irritation

maybe even a bit of a funky smell coming

out of your underwear and in that case

you got to go with an antifungal cream

that you can find at any of your local

pharmacies or even on Amazon picked up

some Lotrimin which the main ingredient

in that is close Imus all it's just an

antifungal ingredient that's gonna help

get rid of any fungal build-up that

might be causing that irritation so it

may take a couple of weeks before the

entire infection goes away but it should

help with some of the itching as the

fungal infection starts to resolve

now if the itching is getting really bad

what I probably would recommend is some

calendar of clear lotion it's really

good as being a skin protectant and also

helping to relieve some of that itch and

it's not as thick as one of those Aveeno

lotions that's just real thick and

lotion II and just seems to clump up

over time this one is actually clear

it's thin and it spreads pretty evenly

so there it is all six quick and easy

steps to get rid of your sweaty itchy

butt fungus fungal infection so I

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that way you can just do it that way too

but whatever works for you do what you

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