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How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes - 5 Tips for Itchy Eyes Allergy Relief

so how do you get rid of itchy eyes well

in this video I'm gonna be sharing with

you my five pro tips and how to get rid

of red itchy eyes for a mother I'm

shooting from and a lot of people have

seasonal allergies from things like

grass all the flowers that are blooming

trees are opening up and releasing

pollen so a lot of people have these red

itchy eyes they feel gritty sandy

they're tearing up and they're puffy now

I personally don't have too much for

seasonal allergies I actually have more

of perennial allergies these are

allergies that occur throughout the

entire year I actually have allergy

symptoms to dust mites so if I go into a

dirty moldy dusty basement my eyes start

to feel gritty itchy they're red I

actually have other symptoms - I get

renayta so my nose starts to run I start

that wheeze I have a hard time breathing

so yeah if you cook one comment section

below let me know what kind of allergies

that you have do you know if you're

allergic to grass ragweed pollen so

there's a lot different things out there

I want to say just a quick shout out to

kala nations thanks so much for joining

me here and the chats really nice to

have you here now let's get into the

first tip so my first tip all about eye

allergies is actually eyedrops

now and that's that sounds funny but

yeah eyedrops is a big part of

management for I see III allergy


so yeah with high allergy symptoms you

know I I drops it you can get at the

counter or kind of frustrating because

you go there and there's like 30 of them

right there's like 30 different drops

specifically for eye allergies and you

know if you have just a bottle of

artificial tears laying around the house

that you can use that that's not bad

because they do flush allergens out of

the eye because that's really one of

that's really what's causing your

allergy symptoms an allergen that's

floating around in the air will land on

the aisle and in the tear film and then

that'll actually trigger a whole process

mainly through what's called an

immunoglobulin E or an IgE that actually

is basically a little protein that

attaches on to one of your white blood

cells called a mast cell that lives in

your tissues and that causes that mast

cell to release its contents we call

that degranulation

when that process happens it released

what's called an histamine and you have

a histamine response and histamine is

very potent it actually causes your

blood vessels to dilate and it causes

the tissues to become leaky so basically

all this fluid search-form got basically

flooding into your tissues around your

eyes your eyelids and it causes

everything to swell and become red and

heat because of all the incoming fluid

and that actually pushes that causes

things to swell and it pushes on these

little Meccano receptors in your tissues

that you basically feel as pain and

that's what causes the itching sensation

and it causes the tearing so when you're

using just artificial tears that'll just

flush out those allergens out of the eye

so that's an easy kind of thing to do

but again when you're looking at these

different drops that are

over-the-counter it's like crazy how

many different drops there are I want to

give you two some insight on what you

might be looking for which ones might

work better for you now the oldest ones

that these are like the cheapest ones so

if you look at the if you look at the

ones that are like maybe four or five

dollars u.s. those are usually older

medications and they generally do work

as an antihistamine so they block the

histamine response but they also have a


and these vasoconstrictors constrict the

blood vessel so they prevent fluid from

really getting to the eye they prevent

the fluid from getting out of those

blood vessels and that actually helps

slow down some of the swelling and the

redness of the eye the reason why a lot

of doctors don't like people using these

drops is because that basal constrictor

in these older medications has a rebound

effect so after it wears off it actually

causes the blood vessels to bounce back

and basically makes the eye more red and

more irritated so it actually makes

things worse sometimes now if you are

having just a really acute issue meaning

that you touch something let's say

you're cooking something you touch the

spice you rub your eye and all of a

sudden you have this Alutiiq response

your eyes getting red and puffy

then in an acute issue sometimes those

drops work really well but if it's more

of a seasonal thing like you know you

have bad spring allergies like Leticia

here if you use you know if you if you

have bad seasonal allergies like that

you know your virgin - like any sort of

grass that's releasing its pollen

then perhaps you want to think of

something more like Qatada fen fumarate

that's the generic actual name of the

drug that you'll find over-the-counter

there's two drops that have catatafish

in fumarate in them and that's either

called Zagat or comes in an orange

bottle I think I actually have yeah I

have a little sample here this is a de

Tour is what it looks like as well as

another one called alloway and Alawis

and zat tour both have the same active

ingredient and they work by not just an

antihistamine but they work as a mast

cell stabilizer so again those mast

cells that D granulate and release all

of its all of its contents this these

drops will actually stabilize that mast

cell so that way it's not just treating

it momentarily you have allergies right

now but it actually helps sooth and

prevent future outbreaks so again if you

have spring allergies fall allergies you

know you're gonna have a season of

allergy symptoms then one of those

overdraw over-the-counter drops are

usually recommended but because they are

newer medications they are a little bit

more expensive expect somewhere around

ten US dollars or so at any pharmacy I

also have some links in the description

below if you're somebody who shops

online now those are all great there are

of course many other drops that you can

get from your doctor that are

prescription ones like Pat a day was

mentioned Thank You Kayla yeah Pat a day

is an excellent drop that one also works

through antihistamine response but that

one does I know there's a lot of

complications with drugs some of them

deaf to be regulated and so that's when

you have to get through your doctor with

a prescription now when you have really

puffy eyes and this bothers a lot of

people they come in because their eyes

are puffy in the word how they look

they're afraid that people are thinking

they've been crying or something like

that if you're somebody who's waking up

in the morning with really puffy eyes

and itchy eyes from allergies then that

brings us to the next kind of the next

tip and that's cold compresses and cold

compresses actually are fantastic they

work great for puffy eyes they help

soothe irritation cold compresses it you

know give me you know let me know if

you've ever like had a compress or

you've done a cold compress for this

before and you're probably thinking you

know what if you have a black eye if you

have any sort of swelling not just a

black eye but if you're swelling on your

elbow your knee natella hey put cold on

it it causes the swelling to shrink so

it's the same concept and actually if

you've ever seen them

movie the Sandlot I was watching that

the other week I I actually love ASA

love that movies a kid so give me a

thumbs up if you've ever seen that movie

the Sandlot as a kid but there's a scene

where he gets hit in the eye with a

baseball and his dad goes straight to

the freezer and grabs a steak out of the

freezer and slaps that to his eye and I

was like that's genius yeah maybe not go

ahead and grow grab a steak from the

freezer but you know like a bag of peas

frozen vegetables I've seen people do

that I think I we did that as a kid too

but they do sell other types of eye

masks a lot of beauty beauty stores will

have this even at some pharmacies so

kind of like this one this is just a

picture of a product that I found on

Amazon there's ones that you throw in

the you throw in the freezer for a

little while they cool off

I'm sure if you have ice packs if you

just have ice cubes you can wrap them in

a towel and use that excuse me but you

can I'm gonna get nickel water here my

throat's feeling dry but of course

there's other products too there's a lot

of other eye products specifically for

cold compresses this one it's called

tranquilize XL I tried this one out

mainly for guys it's heat it's actually

a heat compress but it actually has

these cool inserts that you can freeze

and it works as a cold compress as well

and I think that one's pretty cool I did

I did a review on that one a couple of

weeks ago and you guys can always check

that out if you'd like now so far if you

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gives me a chance to kind of talk with

you guys so thank you so much if you're

enjoying this content dander from

horse's JJ yeah that's kind of

interesting I've never honestly never

been around horses yeah they're huge

animals and they kind of scare me a

little bit but yeah and then Kayla yeah

it's warm hot wet rags they make they

actually help your your allergy symptoms

that's pretty cool

I kind of wonder if your if the warm

compress is maybe helping more along

with my bohmian gland issues and maybe

helping soothe any sort of dry eye

symptoms because sometimes dry dryness

on the I will kind of mask and make

similar to the same symptoms you get

from allergies but that's a it's

actually very good I'm glad that you're

getting some benefit out of that now if

you're somebody who's seeing a doctor

like myself in the eye clinic and they

are saying hey

drops tries over the counter drops try

cold compresses sometimes that's not

enough and so sometimes you know

switching over to an oral antihistamine

these work fantastic they're kind of an

adjunct to just the symptoms of the eyes

but if you're having other symptoms like

rhinitis like your nose is running

myself again I have a runny nose and I

get kind of coughing wheezing problems

due to my allergies when I'm in a dusty

moldy basement and so I actually take

claritin when I'm know I'm going to be

having those symptoms now other people

can do allegra zero tech these are all

over-the-counter draw over medications

that you can take and of course make

sure if you're taking these make sure

you read the instructions make sure you

talk with your doctor make sure they're

okay for you I don't want you to have a

bad reaction or anything like that thank

you so much Bob Eckert is from

Bloomington India Indiana is that right

very cool thanks Bob so happy you guys

are here now so oral antihistamines

those are all fantastic again if you

having those other symptoms but they can

also help sometimes for itchy eyes now

this maybe should have been the first

tip but then this is kind of you know

maybe it's too easy but I think it's

important to consider that you should be

avoiding trying to avoid the allergen

trying to avoid your allergy if you know

you're allergic to a certain type of

something like like to me a dust I try

to stay out of the moldy basement you

know it's thatthat simple but for some

people if you let's say work outside and

you know you're gonna be around that

time of the season to be outside make

sure that when you get home make sure

you change your clothes make sure you

wash your clothes frequently and then if

you're going to bed make sure that you

take a shower before going to bed make

sure you clean your bed sheets these are

little things that sometimes people

don't think about but just getting those

allergies away I've even had somebody

allergic to their pillow or the contents

of their pillow so they actually do make

hypoallergenic pillows that's something

I didn't know but I actually found that

out so that's something that a lot of

people will actually seek out and you

can that might be able to help you as

well so those are pretty much that's

we've gone through four of the tips now

my last tip is probably pretty obvious

for most of my viewers and that's to go

see her eye doctor if you're having

really bad problems and the cold

compresses the eye drops you know

they're not working the best then

sometimes you need stronger medications

and so your eye doctor can get you

prescription drops such as prescription

drops like we kind of mentioned before

padded a olla padded ein that's the

generic term those are great they're

usually either once or twice a day

depending on the concentration of those

drops and they do help just fantastic

for a lot of people they really help in

those tough situations now there are

when things get really bad doctors like

myself will prescribe what's called a

steroid and steroids will work

tremendously for any inflammatory event

specifically inflammation that that's

just not getting controlled with these

other drops so a steroid will actually

again soothe the all the problems with

the eyes especially from allergies

really bad allergies but they do come

with complications and that's why your

doctor has to prescribe them for you it

needs to follow up with you steroid

drops are known it could if used for

long periods of time can cause problems

like cataracts they can also cause

increased eye pressure that can cause

clock coma and there's just a lot of

things we have to kind of monitor for

there are some eye drops that are

prescription that are a steroid but a

very weak formulation of the steroid

that has been approved for allergies

long term so that's something again you

can talk with your doctor with about

people who have very severe eye

allergies these are people who fall into

a description of like like such as a

vernal keratoconjunctivitis that's a

special type of eye allergy that usually

happens to young boys usually between

the ages of like 9:00 in like 13 years

old they have a really severe allergic

reaction they're on steroid drops for

quite a quite a few times a day for some

time until we can get it control other

people who have like a topic disease so

they have like a very severe autoimmune

reaction and their eyes are not just red

and puffy but they come scaly and

damaged and it actually puts risk of

blindness and some really severe cases

there's even chances of using an

injection of a steroid actually on the

eye to basically soothe things down

though that's really an extreme case and

I'm not gonna say you guys hopefully

you'll never have that problem

but yes things like that can happen

Janet from Northern Ireland that's

fantastic I really happy you here wow it

must be really light there if you're in

Ireland thank you so much for joining

and matter of fact anybody who's here

thank you so much for joining me here

let us know where you're watching from

thank you so much kailia Nations I think

I'm so happy you're my I'm your favorite

I doc that's pretty cool

I I know you know if you don't live here

in Minnesota it might be tough to get


certainly find a doctor in your area

who's willing to help you thank you guys

so much now is in terms of kind of the

best tips for eye allergies those those

are the biggest ones you know eye

allergies a lot of inflammation and it

can cause a lot of problems for people

again hopefully you can get control of

your allergies especially if it's

seasonal here like right now again at

springtime it certainly do the cold

compresses try over-the-counter drops

like the katate fan or is that at order

that I think works best now if you're

again having really severe symptoms do

not do not attempt to kind of ignore

your doctor and seeing a professional

they're gonna be able to evaluate your

eyes and figure out what's best for you

based on you and your eye health thank

you guys so much again for joining me

you know if you guys have any other

quick questions I'm happy to try and

answer those otherwise I do have to go

mow the lawn and I'll have to make sure

I don't have too bad allergies doing

that thank you guys so much for watching

I want to leave you guys with an eye

health question of the day I have

question of the day which one of these

tips was your favorite go ahead and

comment in the section below let me know

what you're doing for eye allergies

otherwise again this is doctor Joe Allen

here from doctor eye health thank you

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