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Get rid of pimple fast - Reduce swelling, redness & size of pimples in 10 min


hi guys so today I want to talk to you

about just an amazing method or

technique which is called autumn cold

therapy that is really really helpful if

you've got a really big pimple and if

you want to get rid of it faster so I do

a lot of hormonal changes recently and I

started to have big pimples again and

I'd like one a couple of weeks ago it

was like these like so you see on my

forehead and so I tried this technique

and it was just pretty amazing in like

after ten minutes it was not inflamed

anymore so it was not like swollen and I

think I carried of it in like the next

day it was like really small and in two

days it was gone so this method is about

applying something cold on a pimple and

then something out and then something

called again and then something out for

about 10-15 minutes

the wedding's method work is that it is

going to improve blood circulation and

bring nutrients and oxygen and really

increase the blood flow to the pimple

and then the cold is going to reduce

blood flow to the area and help with the

inflammation and swelling and also to

get rid of the waste product basically

it kind of works like a pump so the heat

brings the blood flow and all the

nutrients and the coal just help to get

rid of the bacterial waste it's going to

accelerate the pimple evolution and

eeling so you get rid of it faster

this method is effective and should only

be used when you've got a blind pimple

which we also call our pimple with no

head it is this pimple who developed

under the skin and because it's deeper

under the skin it's usually much more

painful and this metal is also help with

the pain so it's pretty amazing right so

let's get to the how to proceed with

this medal now so the first thing you

need to do is to wash your ends and then

wash your face then we're going to get


towels like small towels one of them has

to be quite seen that's the one we're

going to use for the ice then you can

pour some hot water in a bowl and just

soak one of the towel in and you can

just leave it aside then wipe up the

towel around the ice block or ice pack

if you got one if you got a small one

like this little cat I've typed that up

god that'd be really really good sighs

okay so now you can start all the ice

back with a towel around it for one

minute and make sure you don't add

pressure you really just hold it on your

skin when the one minute is up you can

ring the hotel be careful to not burn

yourself and then you can apply it on

the pimple for three minutes

then we're going to repeat this process

for about five times you need to make

sure you always start with the eyes and

you always finish with the eyes so

basically it's going to be one minute of

I spy three minutes of the hotel one

minute of the ice bag three minutes of

the hotel one minute of the ice pack

three minute earlier tell one minute of

the ice pack okay so now we're done you

can continue your normal routine for me

it's going to be t3 on the pimple and it

rates my skin if you've got a lot of

people everywhere on your face I

recommend that you do the turmeric mask

which is going to help a lot with

inflammation I just wanted to mention

please be careful don't applies the ice

without a towel on your face and don't

leave it for more than one minute

because you could burn your skin and

saying be careful with our towel don't

burn your skin and don't use a towel or

even the eyes if you've got fever or if

you see coffee or if you've got any any

kind of infection I really hope you

enjoyed this video and if you did you

can subscribe to my channel and I hope I

see you guys in my next video bye