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HOW TO | Red Hair to Blonde | How I Removed My Stubborn Red Color

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I am going to share with you how I

went from this dark kind of vibrant red

to this light blonde that you see today

now before we actually get into the

tutorial part of everything I do need to

share some disclaimers with you and

please do not skip through this part

this information is so crucial to know

before you begin this whole journey so

number one I have to mention I am NOT a

professional I do not have a cosmetology

license any professionals that are

watching this video if at any point

there's anything that you feel like I

did totally wrong and you want to

correct me please feel free to do so I'm

not claiming that you know everything I

do is completely correct or whatever the

next thing that I want to mention is

that this is not necessarily a complete

universal hair tutorial I mean like most

hair coloring tutorials the results that

I got and the steps that I took to get

here might be a little bit different for

you there's so many different factors

that contribute to that so keep that in

mind you might need to tweak things a

little bit here and there so as I'm

going through the tutorial I'm going to

break it down into different steps so

you might see by the end of step one

your hair looks a little bit different

than mine did so you might need to

either repeat some steps or completely

skip over some steps disclaimer number

three your hair is probably going to be

damaged by the end of this process

especially if your hair is currently

pretty damaged right now so you want to

really be careful during this whole

process use a lot of deep conditioners

and really invest in good products and

then of course the last is claim or is

to just do your own research especially

if you're not that experienced with

coloring your own hair if you are gonna

leave me a comment asking me like what

is developer and how does it work and

basic things like that I'm not going to

respond do your research

Google what you need to know don't just

use this video alone as your one source

for everything so I kind of had like an

ombre going on I just used a Manic Panic

semi-permanent vegetable dye and that's

how I got the red that I had so I had a

semi-permanent color in my hair and the

ends of my hair were pre lightened the

rest of my hair was not so that's kind

of when I

going on for me so step one was trying

to remove and fade out the red as much

as I possibly could so the very first

night that I decided that I wanted to

start this whole process I washed my

hair in really hot water with just like

a really cheap shampoo obviously you

have red hair you know the things that

you're not supposed to do with it so do

those things wash it in hot water

use cheap shampoos clarifying shampoo

dandruff shampoo dish soap anything

that's going to really strip out that

red as much as you possibly can now if

you can I would suggest doing that over

like a week-long period and doing it

multiple times I was a little bit

impatient so I just did it the one time

but the more you do that the more you'll

be able to get that red build-up out and

the easier everything else will be from

that point on then the following morning

I decided to use a color remover so the

color remover that I used was Color Oops

you can just get that at any drug store

like Walmart Target that color remover

is really good because it works for

semi-permanent Demi permanent and

permanent hair colors so it doesn't even

really matter what kind of red color you

have in your hair so I don't have any

footage of me applying the color oops

the very first time but this is what my

hair looks like before using it and then

this is what my hair looks like

afterwards so it definitely did make a

difference I mean my hair went from

being more vibrant and more of a true

red to a more faded kind of Orange II

red so later that night I decided to use

Color Oops for a second time so after I

wash out my second color oops my hair

was starting to feel pretty dry Color

Oops claims that it's not supposed to

damage your hair but it definitely

leaves it feeling really really dry

always make sure that in between all

these steps you are deep conditioning

and at least leaving your hair to sit in

a good conditioning mask for at least a

few hours if not like a full day so for

step two I decided that I obviously

needed to still take that red out I also

wanted to lift my base color a little

bit when I was doing my research I read

so many different things and saw so many

videos of people saying that if

have an artificial color like red or

blue or green or whatever putting bleach

on that hair will just drive the color

deeper into your hair and make it like

nearly impossible to remove so I was a

little bit afraid to do that I decided

instead to use a high lift color I read

a bunch of different things that said

that high lift color is actually one of

the most effective ways of removing

bright artificial colors so the high

lift cover that I used was by the brand

ion and it was the high lift cool blonde

with the high lift color you can mix

that with whatever volume developer you

want I use a 30 volume so with high lift

color you always mix a 1 to 2 ratio so

one part color two parts developer so I

mix that up and I apply that only to the

red parts towards the end of my hair I

didn't want to apply it right onto my

roots right away because I didn't want

my roots to come out like a really

bright light yellowy blonde and then the

rest will be like kind of dark and red

and whatever something that you can do

that I do recommend is just massaging

the hair and just work that product into

the hair and just you know keep an eye

on it and see if it's starting to change

color so in total it ended up being on

those red parts for about 45 minutes so

as you can see this is what my hair

looks like after using the high lift

color it definitely did make a pretty

significant difference my hair as a

whole was just a lot lighter looking and

also the parts that were red were now

pink like they didn't look red to me

really at all anymore it was just like a

orangie pink so once again I completely

saturated my hair with coconut oil left

it overnight so that it could kind of

rehydrate a little bit then the

following day I moved on to step number

three I wanted to lighten my hair all

over even more and get those pink parts

completely out of my hair so what I

decided to do was do a bleach wash

bleach bath whatever you want to call it

but all you do for that is take powder

Lightner developer and shampoo and mix

those together so you

one part Lightner one part developer one

part shampoo so I just took that mixture

and I just applied it all over my head

and with that you want to just keep

massaging it into your hair and just

stay in front of a mirror the whole time

and just keep an eye on it and keep

watching it as soon as you see that that

color looks like it's pretty much all

gone then just rinse it out it's not as

strong and damaging as just straight-up

bleach on its own but they're still

bleach in there so you just really want

to be careful and not leave it on much

longer than you need to I think I want

to say left on for about 30 minutes at

that point I want to say 90% of the red

in my hair was gone my ends from about

like my mouth down were just white the

top of my hair was kind of a yellowy

blonde and then my mid-shaft had some

parts of like white blondes some parts

of a very light peachy kind of color my

hair at that point felt so damaged my

ends were already kind of damaged to

begin with so at this point my ends were

just really really bad and I was really

nervous to do anything else to it at

that point I knew obviously my hair was

not you know the final product that I

wanted but I was really scared to do

anything else to it because I just

didn't think that my hair would be able

to handle it at this point I decided to

go to a salon because I knew that in

order to get my hair this blonde that I

wanted I still needed to lighten it a

little bit more so I decided to go to a

salon so that I could get an olaplex

treatment if you've never heard of

olaplex before it is an amazing sort of

newish product you can either just do it

as a treatment on its own or you can

actually mix it in with your bleach and

color mixtures and it will restore

damaged hair and also protect your hair

when you're bleaching it or doing

anything damaging like that to it so

it's an awesome awesome product I knew

that I really wanted to use that on my

hair because I did not feel that my hair


be able to handle anything else just on

its own so what you did first was she

cut I want to say almost two full inches

off the ends of my hair so she used a

level seven hair color with I'm assuming

a 10 volume developer on my roots and

she just kind of you know painted that

on freestyle just really naturally then

after that she took bleach and she mix

that with olaplex I'm not a hundred

percent sure what volume developer she

used with the mixture olaplex dilutes

developer a little bit so say you use a

thirty volume developer mix olaplex in

it I loose it to a twenty so I'm

assuming that she was either a 30 or 40

volume but I'm not entirely sure so then

she applied that all over my hair from

you know right where it's light down to

the ends and then there were a few parts

that still held onto the pink a little

bit so she just took a toner and she

literally just put that on there for

like two minutes and then wash it out

and that's the color that I have now so

if at any point you feel like okay my

hair is feeling really damaged it's

feeling really spongy and just either

leave it alone and just deep condition

it for a few days in a row or I suggest

going to a salon and look for a salon in

your area maybe that carries olaplex

because that's stuff seriously like

helps my hair a lot I'll put Olaf Lex's

website actually in the description so

you can go and read about it and you

also can find like you can do a search

on there to see what salons near you

carry it but even if you do end up going

to a salon if you do at least like the

first two steps at home on your own I

think you'll save money at least once

you're at the salon because at that

point at least you removed most of the

red so they don't have to do like as

much and use as many products on you

that's my tutorial that's how I went

from red hair to blonde hair like I said

in the beginning you might have to tweak

a few things but I just wanted to share

exactly what I did and what my hair

looks like between each process so that

you can use that information and figure

out for yourself what will

work for your hair I will try to provide

as much information down in the

description of the video as I can so if

you have any further questions please

read that first so if you found this

video helpful please don't forget to

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I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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