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How To Get Rid of Gnats!!! Inside The House...

hey guys welcome back to Tracy's place

as you all know we got back from

vacation last week and when I returned I

was not happy I am NOT a nasty

housekeeper so I was really puzzled and

I was going around we were looking in

the drains in the house and you know

just different things to see what could

be the problem

we called a pest control person and they

said you know not to worry is kind of

common and sometimes and like what we

think in our case he said that if you

like the air conditioning unit from

outside if Nets congregate around there

or you know some happens around there

with natsu there they can be sucked into

the ventilation system and come out to

the events like I have never heard back

and he said or it could be fruit that

was left out and peaches are a big

culprit and you know pineapple and stuff

so we didn't have any of that out so we

said it must bend them you know that on

the air-conditioner system outside that

drugged them in summer anyway I'm gonna

tell you what has worked because there

are so many different things going

around on the internet and what we found

is that dawn the regular dawn the

regular scent not the fancy sense but

the regular set of time and this Bragg's

apple cider vinegar I would imagine you

can use any vinegar but this is what we

use and that you know helped so all you

do and this is a little cup right here

it's very small

I measured on this about this don't let

my thumb so if you want to do equal

parts of the regular dawn

and doesn't have to be any specific

don't have to use you know all your darn

up of course but just you know and now

let's say that looks like 1/4 of a cup

shake up this Bragg's cuz it has a

mother down here at the bottom shaken up

are you gonna add equal parts you know

just double that man so now you can use

something like this what I do is I just

put plastic over it pull it as tight as

you can see how top that here get that

up in there pull it shoot it tore but

that's not pants on the outside

alright take a toothpick or a sharp

knife I got a toothpick here I'm gonna

do three holes okay you don't want to

make them super wide but you want them

wide enough for them to crawl in but to

have to fight to get them suckers back

out okay and then all you do you don't

even have to shake this up it's going to

distribute itself it's gonna mix itself

basically if you want to swirl it around

you can but I found that is it gets

mixed up on its own so you want to do

that you can even use the little salt

and pepper shakers from the Dollar Tree

and they have holes already at the top

and you can use that if you don't want

to use this but I'm not buying nothing

to spending no money on these little

nasty mess I'm already mad as you can


so um you guys just do little little

holes like that so they can crawl in but

they cannot get out you can place the

like a good five of them around your

house and you'll be good to go all right

so that's it and I will chat with you

guys later if you have any questions

please put them in the comments below

and I'll chat with you later