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How to Get Rid of Grain Beetles (4 Easy Steps)

grain beetles are destructive insects

that infest and feed off stored food

products the larvae will devour food and

leave behind casings and droppings as

the adults continue to feed and lay eggs

directly onto new food sources they can

cause up to hundreds of dollars in

damage so in this video we'll show you

how to spot grain beetles look for their

activity treat them and prevent future

infestations from breaking out again if

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most grain beetles average around 2 to 3

millimeters in length they're typically

reddish-brown in color or sometimes even

black grain beetles come in a variety of

species and they'll infest pretty much

the same stored food products one of the

most common species is a sawtooth grain

beetle this beetle gets its name from

the teeth like growths on its thorax

similar to the Sawtooth grain beetle is

the merchant green beetle other species

include the lesser grain borer the rusty

green beetle and the foreign green

beetle examine all food products for any

adult beetles including pet food

untrained eyes can falsely identify

larvae and pupae as other pests so it's

best to look for adults as they shift

items around check along the edges of

your shelves grain beetles are smaller

than most grain products but their dark

color makes them stand out against

lighter foods and white-painted pantry

shelves before starting treatment you

need to clear out your pantry start by

throwing out all packaged food that

sounds excessive but if you found at

least one adult beetle odds are there

were other beetles infesting packages

when you weren't looking for them before

if your shelves are adjustable use a

toothpick to clear out the peg holes

those are known to hide eggs and pests

next take a vacuum and clean the shelves

once everything has been removed once

you've done that clean the surfaces with

mild soap and water before applying any

treatment be sure to wear your personal

protective equipment or PPE especially

before handling any chemicals and

remember do not allow people or pets

near your treatment sites until all

chemicals have dried start your

treatment with pirate pirate is an

insecticide aerosol that delivers a

quick knockdown and it's labeled for a

wide variety of flying and crawling

tests use this as a crack and crevice

treatment to kill any bugs or eggs that

are hiding or have fallen in hard to see

spots using pirate is easy just remove

the white applicator attach the provided

red applicator and make sure the straw

is firmly affixed in the spout shake the

can and spray along the lengths of any

cracks and crevices next apply Novus ID

Nova site is another insecticide aerosol

but this one contains an insect growth

regulator or igr this will disrupt the

beetles lifecycle and prevent eggs

larvae and pupae from developing into

adults Nova site has a long lasting

residual and will work for up to seven

months apply a nova site as a spot

treatment along the edges of your


just shake the can hold it upside down

and spray one to two inches of product

every couple of inches

finally round out your treatment with

some glue traps we recommend to lure

traps if you have flying pests like

merchants or foreign grain beetles or

you can use catch masters 72 MB glue

boards for non flying pests like the

sawtooth green beetle setting up each

trap is simple for the allured trap

start by grasping both the top and

bottom tabs and pull the trap open then

fold along the perforated lines on the

bottom of the trap inward creating a

housing hang the trap in your pantry

where it won't be disturbed but still

close to the infestation sites when

using the catch master glue board simply

peel off the glues protective seal and

fold the board into a box place this

trap against the wall with the entryways

exposed these glue trap placements will

ensure you catch any straggling beetles

traveling among the shelves you can

start prevention by limiting the amount

of food you store start by purchasing

only one or two weeks worth of food at a

time don't over stock your pantry

shelves because the longer something

sits there the more likely a potential

infestation could breakouts store food

and plastic containers the airtight

seals on plastic food containers ensure

that bugs won't crawl inside if an

infestation does occur in the future

sealed containers allow you to isolate a

future breakout finally continue to use

glue traps to monitor for any pantry

pest activity that could flare up rain

beetles are destructive pantry pests

that cost us hundreds and food damage

but you can control them yourself with

these professional products and tips

from solutions pests and lawn we

guarantee these products will help you

get control of your grain beetle problem

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