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Red Face From Drinking - Daily Do's of Dermatology

So here's another daily do from your friendly local dermatologist!

Okay, so people ask me why does my face turn red when I drink and it doesn't happen for everybody,

but we all know people who they have even a sip of alcohol and you can start to see their face get

progressively more and more red.

Now, please understand that if someone's face is red, that doesn't mean they're an alcoholic.

It doesn't mean they've had anything to drink. They might just have consumed something that they have a sensitivity to and

that sensitivity could be to tomatoes or hot beverages or chocolate or fill in the blank.

Mine does it with dairy products so I try to avoid those as much as possible,

but if your face turns red with drinking alcohol

there's probably one of two main

causes of this and they both have to do with sensitivity.

So I know somebody, one of my patients, who if he has any gluten, i.e. most beers,

that his face will instantly turn red and then he'll get the bumps a couple days later.

So it could be a gluten sensitivity. It could simply be

sugar or an alcohol sensitivity that's found in alcohol beverages and

alcohol is a type of sugar so it could be one of those two things and

both of those are kind of linked to rosacea.

You know the red cheeks, the red bumps, all that sort of thing.

Not necessarily an allergy to what you're consuming,

but it is a sensitivity that triggers an inflammatory protein and if you want to know it, it's Canthelicidin LL 37.

There's your useless knowledge for the day and

It makes that go higher and then you get more red because you have more inflammation in your body.

Everybody's a little different but I promise you each person listening to this video, you

have a different sensitivity to something and most of us don't even know we have sensitivities to food.

So I'd highly encourage people to start looking into this and it can be free.

I've spoken about it before in other videos, just do a food journal on a piece of paper.

Absolutely everything that goes into your mouth including water, bubble gum, coffee, you name it.

Write it on the left side

and on the right side, write when you start having symptoms and what those are.

It'll only take a month or so, and then you're really gonna start to pick up some very valuable information about

what you should be consuming and what you shouldn't be consuming in terms of sensitivities that you have to individual product's ingredients.

Guys, it's free. You don't to go to your doctor,

you don't even spend thousands of dollars, a piece of paper and a pen and a little intention and

you're gonna figure out what you're sensitive to.