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How to get rid of REDNESS on your FACE | 3 SKIN CARE TIPS

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do I get rid of the redness in my face

so that's what I'm gonna talk about in

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won't miss it alright so how do you get

rid of the redness on your face well

first you need to know what causes it

and there's actually a lot of reasons

why your face sometimes turn red but the

main reasons and the most important

reasons for you to know is because of

sun damage prolonged sun damage over the

years another reason is sensitive skin

that gets irritated by using the wrong

skin care products and also just by

going in everyday life with rough

environments especially in winter time

another reason is skin care conditions

like eczema or acne rosacea so what can

you do about it well let's start with

the first one

so one of the most important things is

to wash your skin with a gentle

water-soluble cleanser that will not

upset your sensitive skin any one of

these guys will really do the job well

out of three in the video description

light blow away so you can check it out

but you have to wash your face two times

a day once in the morning when you wake

up and then also right before you get

into bed and you have to do it with

lukewarm or cold water not warm water


next you have to stay away from all skin

aggravating stuff ingredients and

products like like scrubs harsh

cleansing brushes and also aggravating

ingredients like alcohol lavender citrus

mint or menthol also it's better to

avoid all skin care products with



use a good moisturizer that will come

and moisturize your skin and I almost

forgot also one that contains a very

good quality sunscreen that has enough

SPF like Jack Black and T's handling but

for them got around 20 SPF PC for men is

a little bit better they have 30 SPF but

if you're out and about every day in the

Sun like for example if you're in

construction you work outside and that

Sun is hitting you every day I would

recommend Cetaphil he's got a SPF of 50

that's gonna do the job alright guys I

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