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How to Get rid of Red Eyes without Eye Drops

hello I'm George M horn here I am going

to discuss about how to get rid of red

eyes without eye drops

by A to Z home remedies


what is the red-eye


redeye commonly signifies that the

whites of the eyes appear bloodshot this

happens due to changes to the blood

vessels that provide the membrane

covering the front of the eye


the conjunctiva is the membrane that

covers the front of the eye and outlines

the eyelids the blood vessels of this

membrane can dilate causing the eyes to

appear reddened


this irritation can be caused by

problems like

son direct exposure dryer dust particles


microbes like bacteria and viruses

coughing cold or flu


home remedies to relieve bloodshot eyes

one cucumber


cucumber is one of the best remedies for

treating red eyes it has soothing and

cooling properties that can support and

shrinking the blood vessels in your eyes

and take care of the condition


cucumbers have powerful antioxidants and

flavonoids that are believed to reduce

irritation closing and resting your eyes

also helps with overall discomfort


what you have to do


one cut a few slices of a refrigerated


to place a slice on each eye

three let it stay on for about 25


- chilled spoons


put four metal spoons in a glass of ice


when chilled place one spoon on each eye

as the spoons set out to warm switch

them with the spoons chilling in the

glass of ice water


keep going till swelling subsides the

cool temperature of the metal spoons

constricts the blood vessels which helps

reduce redness and puffiness in the eye


three lemon


presented the anti-inflammatory and

bactericidal properties of lemon juice

it is perfectly logical that it performs

wonders for the eyes

lemon juice can help relieve

inflammation that results in red eyes

and also protects your eyes from even

further infection


one and two to three drops of lemon

juice to an eye cup and fill it with

purified water

to take this to wash your eyes for 20 to

30 seconds

for castor oil


castor-oil facilitates reducing the

vaginal dryness of the eyes by improving

the production of lipid in the eyes and

inhibiting tear evaporation

the anti-inflammatory properties of

castor oil enable and reducing

irritation and redness of the eyes


suck 100% pure castor oil into the clean

dropper apply one drop of oil into each

eye before going to sleep vision will be

clouded for a while because of the oil

but it is consumed overnight


if it's complicated for you to put drops

in your eye

put a q-tip in the bottle and run the

oil along with your upper eyelid some of

the oil will drain into your eyes while

you sleep


five aloe vera


aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and

antioxidant properties that Haden

soothing red and irritated eyes

what did you need to do

one take some aloe gel and mix it with

an equal quantity of water

to refrigerate the mixture for one hour

3dep to cotton pads in the refrigerated

alum mixture and place them around your


for drop them off on for 20 to 30


six warm milk and honey


honey has amazing antibacterial

properties making an eye wash with warm

milk and honey can assist to soothe and

cure conjunctivitis

use equal parts of both honey and milk

making sure the milk is warm not boiling

mix together the remedy and keep

stirring until the honey gets smooth in

the milk


use an eyedropper and fall two to three

drops into your eye a few times a day


additionally you can use this mixture as

a compress the antibacterial properties

in the honey and the soothing benefits

of the milk will quickly work right away

seven potato

potato carries astringent properties

that help in shrinking the blood vessels

surrounding your eyes it also works well

for calming irritated eyes

one-take appealed and refrigerated

potato and very finely slice it

to place a piece on each eye

three leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes

eight rosewater


rosewater has a soothing and relaxing

effect on your eyes it's

anti-inflammatory properties minimize

the redness and irritation in your eyes

one take two cotton pads

them in rosewater

to place the soaked pads on your eyes

three leave them on for 12 to 15 minutes

nine coconut oil


coconut oil is made up of medium-chain

fatty acids that are extremely

moisturizing an anti-inflammatory it

helps in maintaining your eyes

lubricated and reduces the redness

one pour a drop

100% virgin coconut oil in the interior

corners of both your eyes

- bleh

cess of oil you must do this two times

daily for a few weeks

ten vitamins


vitamins a c e b2 riboflavin b6 and b12

are excellent for the health of your

eyes they can help relieve red eyes and

also prevent the recurrence of the



you may get the required amounts of

these vitamins by ingesting citrus

fruits green vegetables carrots sweet

potatoes berries milk yogurt fish eggs

and almonds

to prevent red eyes from starting or


avoid smoke pollen dust and other


do not wear contact lenses until the

red-eye clears

constantly clean lenses appropriately

and do not reuse disposable lenses

wash your hands regularly and avoid

touching the eyes to prevent infection

sunglasses to protect the eyes from

pollen or dust when outside


the tips and remedies listed here are

assured to help you get rid of red eyes

however if the condition carries on it

would be advisable to consult your

doctor immediately to avoid further


they might recommend antibiotic eyedrops

or ointments to cure the condition


if you have some other well-known

remedies to cure red eyes please enter

it on the comment section

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