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How To Get Rid of Red Eyes & High FASTER

welcome to Lexus world so for those

who've been smoking weed long enough you

probably know that sometimes there are

circumstances where you need to stop

being high as fast as you can or you

just need to get rid of those red eyes


today figure that go over some common

tips to help you do that and first let's

tackle those red eyes red eyes is simple

enough you can use generic eyedrops to

clear up the red eye a brand called

clear eyes as a time-honored brand the

link to it in the description when you

get really bad red eye like I do you

gotta keep eye drops around the house

now put a couple drops in each eye and

the difference in sixty seconds will

amaze you now for getting rid of the

actual high unfortunately there's no way

you're going to go from baked out of

your mind to stone-cold sober in one

minute the if that's what you're trying

to do you're out of luck but there are

several things you can do to kill your

buzz faster first things first if you

want to stop feeling high don't spend

time in the room where you smoke up in

case you smoked up recently you might

still be inhaling smoke in that room but

even if you didn't smoke up in there

just being in that room where you do

normally smoke keeps you baked longer

it's a situational psychology thing

there's also a few simple things you can

do to reduce your high just as a

disclaimer not all of these work equally

well for everyone these are just the

most frequently effective methods number

one eat a good meal much like food ups

your tolerance for alcohol and reduces

how long it affects you it does the same

for weed drink lots of fluids preferably

ones that are high in sugar there's an

old myth that orange juice makes you

higher in fact the sugars in it will get

rid of your high faster number three

take a cold or hot shower for different

people a hot shower versus a cold shower

works better it's a surprisingly

effective 10 minute solution number 4 go

outside for some fresh air and the walk

fresh air seems to do good and number

five do something that increases your

adrenaline something safe like playing a

very stimulating videogame adrenaline

once again reduces the high all these

tips will really help get rid of your

high quickly you can turn a two-hour

stone into a 30-minute stone by

following these well guys that's the

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