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How I Cured My Eye Eczema/Contact Dermatitis | My Story & Treatment

everybody thanks for watching so today's

video is kind of like a skin update

video and I think I haven't mentioned it

to you in the past maybe you have seen

it in a couple of videos especially like

in January but my skin has been going

through some stuff this winter for sure

usually my skin does get a lot drier in

the winter I have to switch out my

moisturizers I have to pack on my

hydrating toners and I have to apply a

lot more hydrating masks but this winter

I developed something that I have never

experienced before and I've been going

through that for a couple of weeks and I

think I finally cured it at least it

hasn't popped up for a month or so so

that is very huge I knew exactly that

once I get through this I want to share

this video with you because I know a lot

of people are going through that same

thing or maybe later on or going through

that so that video might be helpful to

you so what my skin has been going

through it was basically a eczema I woke

up one day and I had really red

irritated itchy dry flaky skin also a

little bit puffy that I have never

experienced before so this was totally

temporary this was not something that I

suffer from for a long period of time I

know eczema is a chronic issue for a lot

of people but in my case it was

definitely temporary so I thought I

would make this video I will share my

experience when it popped up what I did

to treat it and then ultimately cured it

and my tips and tricks and so on so if

you interested in let's get into it okay

a little disclaimer up front

of course I have to mention it I don't

even know what I'm talking about if you

want a professional opinion about this

and you should definitely go into your

dermatologist don't necessarily listen

to me this is just my experience what I

have been going through and what I did

to treat that later on so in my case it

did help I haven't had any issues for a

month or so but if you want to go the

safe way then definitely consult an

expert on this my body expert

okay so let's start a little bit with

the story cuz maybe you can connect with

that if you're going through the same

issue or if you have been known through

the same issue usually in the winter my

skin gets a lot more drier of course

that I have never experienced eczema on

my face in any form so that was

completely new to me and it did happen

pretty much over night now I have to say

that in December it kind of started with

my eye area especially my under eyes

right here getting a lot more dry a lot

more flaky and I felt like okay I really

need to pack on my moisturizers my eye

creams I really have to make sure to

keep that area nice and hydrated and

moisturized but then all of a sudden it

was after Christmas I think it wasn't

like in beginning of January I woke up

one day and in the morning I looked in

the mirror and my eyes were red they

weren't so irritated they were so itchy

so tight really dry and kind of flaky

too and I had no idea what was going on

so kind of started on this I've in

particular especially like this area was

really red irritated and itchy and kind

of puffy as well especially in the

morning and then it went on to my

eyelids and then also on my other eye

and I will insert a photo right here or

a couple of photos where it was pretty

much the worst so I woke up one day and

I just had really really puffy itchy

eyes they were so red it looked like I

had a sodomize or something so the

picture is actually brighter but in

person it was way more red and that area

would have been a lot more dry a lot

more flaky if I hadn't sure eyes it so

these photos are taken with some sort of

cream on top so that's why it's a little

bit more shiny so then I started

thinking okay there is something that I

don't react well to because it just

popped up instantly I mean I did have

dry eyes before that would dry under

eyes but I didn't have that issue that

popped up pretty much overnight so I was

thinking okay there is something

probably in my skincare routine that I

don't react well to so I was going

through and I looked at all the products

that I'm using

the morning and at night especially at

night because that's when it pops up I

don't get more irritation during the day

or after my morning skincare routine so

I went through and I had some suspicions

the first one was this specific rose

water spray that I've been using ever

since November I would say so what's

kind of like that time where my

undereyes got more dry and I started

ditching that I completely stopped using

this but it did not go better it also

didn't clear up or anything like that so

that was not the bad product but I

didn't switch up any moisturizers

anything I didn't switch up my eye cream

so I was doing some research on the

internet and I know I should have gone

to a dermatologist but I didn't I mean

that's just me I don't like doctors in

general but from the symptoms and how it

looked and everything I basically found

out that it is my eczema so I was doing

more research in I eczema eczema is a

topic that can be caused by pretty much

anything some people as I said have

chronic eczema which is really terrible

I can't imagine how that's like I'm very

blessed that I don't have that but

pretty much the most common cause

especially if it pops up overnight is

that you don't react well to a certain

product another thing that people

mentioned was that eczema had a lot to

do with gut health so that's what's

something that I considered maybe I

didn't eat that well but I didn't change

anything in my diet so that for sure

wasn't it so I was kind of like ok let's

start this pretty much from zero let's

just keep my skincare as minimal as

possible I don't want to use any

cleansers or any exfoliators near my eye


I actually didn't use them at all on my

face I just wanted to keep it super

clear I didn't want to wear any makeup

because I thought I could give me a

concealer is not working well for me I

just wanted to keep my eye area as clean

as bare as possible so I can cure this

so one of the things that people

recommended when you have eczema is

hydrocortisone cream and that's what I

picked up right after it was at its

worst stage in my life this is a cream

that I got from Target you can get this

pretty inexpensive

I think this was only like $2 or

something you can get this a target at

CVS any kind of drugstore you don't even

have to have a prescription for this and

this is 1% this one in particular is

intensive healing formula but they're

all pretty much the same so

hydrocortisone 1% I wouldn't go any

higher than this

when you put this on your eyes because

your eye area is extremely thin and

extremely sensitive and cortisol in

general has a bad rap for thinning the

skin so this is not something that you

should take for a long period of time

this should definitely just be a

temporary thing but this is what I

basically put all over my eye area I

didn't have any issues or any irritation

in my eye per se but I would be careful

not to get this in your eye and that's

what I started using and I only had to

use this for two days and it was pretty

much gone so the first time I applied

this was in the morning when I got this

and then at night again so it was only

twice a day and then the next morning it

looked way way better and I applied this

again for maybe two times and then it

was gone so this hydrocortisone cream if

you're dealing with something like this

this will get rid of it pretty much

right away it's definitely a good cream

to treat it at least the symptoms but it

is not cure it at all because there's

still something in my skincare routine

or some makeup products that caused my

irritation and I noticed that a couple

of days after I stopped using this my

irritation came back so then I decided

okay I don't want to use any toner or

any serum or something like that on my

skin until I figure out what is the bad

product that is causing all of this and

I decided that I just wanted to keep it

as natural as possible so I bought


or an aloe plant I think I got this from

Home Depot for like 40 letters or

something they're pretty inexpensive but

you can even get those individual leaves

at an organic market or something like

that but what I basically did in my

skincare routine I took one of those

leaves and I cut off like a chunk creamy

like this much and really did not have

to cut off a lot just for one

application I peeled it completely so

you're just left with that gel like

consistency if you've never seen a low

in its pure natural form then you have

to know that it's very very slippery

very gel like super hydrating but the

smell can throw you off quite a bit some

people like to describe that smell like

armpits or something it's really not

that Pleasant but I usually kept that

leave that I cut off in the fridge so

it's nice and cool and I felt like the

fridge just took away a lot from that

smell but I'm not super sensitive about

the smell so it didn't bother me that

much but if you are very sensitive to

that then it's definitely not pleasant

but what I've really found was so so

nice about this is just the cooling gel

like effect that I had when I rub this

little piece of aloe around my eyes I

also rub this all over my face and I

still do that as still incorporate

natural aloe and my skincare routine

it's it's a really nice hydrating

product I don't think it's very

moisturizing because when it sinks into

your skin or it dries down it leaves

your skin really really dry and really

tight so I always had the need to put on

a second moisturizer on top but for

hydrating purposes kind of like a serum

like it's amazing do I think it helped

anything in my exam uh I don't

necessarily think so the sensation was

really nice the kids that cool gel just

felt really nice around my red irritated

itchy skin and it made my eyes less

puffy but it did not cure it

unfortunately but still I would say that

Allah is better than nothing and I still

incorporate in my skincare routine

another thing that really really helped

with I eczema especially because of that

dryness and

tightness and itchiness was just basic

Nivea cream and I pilot this on all over

my eyes it felt really really nice

because in the morning I woke up in my

eyes we're just really really dry this

helped a lot now if you have seen my

Melia video you know that Nivea is

probably one of the products that you

should definitely avoid around your eye

area if you're prone to Melia but I was

like okay I I'd rather have a lot more

Melia on my face then red irritated skin

and because this is so so moisturizing

it's super heavy it's a super thick

cream and my eye area loved it another

thing that I really enjoyed during that

time was just basic petroleum jelly or

Vaseline this is a little bit more

creamy a little bit more easier to blend

around the eyes than the Nivea cream and

it really really protects your skin it

has not dried out any further it will

help in getting rid of those dry flakes

that can appear afterwards so petroleum

jelly was one of my favorite items to

use so I said it kept it pretty simple

it was just a la Nivea and petroleum

jelly that's all that I used around my

eyes and after my eyes were cleared up

from the hydrocortisone cream I think

like for the third time or something

that I used this it was pretty much back

to normal so then I decided okay let's

just incorporate more and more stuff

into my routine that I've been using

before now that my skin is doing better

again maybe I can find that bad product

I started using more and more and then I

finally found I think what is the bad

boy and it is unfortunately a part that

I recommended to you a couple months ago

I think it was at the end of last year

and the product is the yes - coconut

cleansing balm this has replaced my

makeup remover wipes because I am prone

to millia I wanted to switch to a

cleansing balm or a cleansing oil

something that doesn't have a lot of

friction when I remove my makeup and it

all started making sense because this is

what I incorporated it my skin hurting I


November or December so every time that

I wore makeup and I removed it with this

cleansing balm the morning after I woke

up with really dry irritated eyes and I

went through the ingredients list and I

still have no idea what's exactly to

blame for this irritation it has sweet

almond oil it has castor oil wax beeswax

as a bunch of stuff that I can't

pronounce perfume that might have been

it but I mean I do take other skincare

items that do have the perfume as well

and I don't have that reaction so I

still don't know exactly what caused my

irritation but it has to be this one

because every time that I'm removing my

makeup it started that flare up and ever

since I stopped using this I completely

ditched it out of my routine my eczema

has not come back so that is very huge

instead I switched over to just regular

old coconut oil to remove my makeup this

is organic unrefined virgin coconut oil

I think this is like the most common

coconut oil you can find so I know for

sure that it's not the coconut oil in

this product that causes it because I

don't react to that at all

I do I ever have to say just to redeem

my reputation I would still recommend

this this removes your makeup really

really nicely as long as you don't

develop any eye eczema of course so

what's the recommended nice makeup

remover just for me and my skin type

there's something in it that I don't

really like so I'm finally over it for a

month or so so my recommendations even

though I'm not a professional I'm not an

expert and I should not give you a

recommendation but I mean it is common

sense that you should keep the products

on that eczema area as minimal as


so during that time I was wearing as

less makeup as possible of course I did

have to film every once in a while and I

didn't want to look like a crazy maniac

so I did have to put on some concealer

the ones concealer that was the only one

that didn't look crazy on top of it was

the essence camouflage concealer I've

talked about this before this is a

really really waxy concealer really

greasy really dewy so it didn't cling to

any dry patches or any weirdness on my

eczema so I would recommend that if you

have to conceal your ex

but I still tried to put as less makeup

as possible on their the hydrocortisone

cream of course gets rid of it pretty

much right away but if you haven't found

the cause of all of this then this will

not get you very far and I would

definitely not recommend to use this for

a longer period of time because

cortisone is known for thinning the skin

and especially the eye area is already

pretty thin so I would use this with

caution if you talk to your

dermatologist about this if you think

you might not react well to this for me

it cleared up pretty much right away but

again not something that I would

incorporate into my routine and now what

I still use in those dry winter months

is Nivea and Vaseline petroleum jelly

this keeps my undereyes so nice and

moisturized so smooth it gets rid of any

dry patches and the itchiness any

tightness definitely recommend this but

if you're Malia prone just keep in mind

those are not the best options so I hope

that this video was kind of helpful to

you I just wanted to share my experience

my story with you because when I was

going through that I was looking for

videos of people who were going through

the same thing so I can finally treat

and cure my eczema and I definitely

wanted to share this with you thank you

so much for watching I really hope you

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