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How to Remove Red-Eye in Photoshop

today I'm going to show you how to

remove redeye in Photoshop

hey guys and welcome to phlearn my name

is Aaron NACE and you can find me on

phlearn comm where we make learning

photoshop & photography fun and today's

episode it's gonna be super quick and

super simple but for those of you guys

who have red eye in your images this is

going to be a perfect tip for Photoshop

now before we get into the Photoshop

part of it we're going to talk just a

second about red eye and red eyes

basically what happens when you use a

flash that's on your camera and the

flash produces quite a bit of light that

shines off the pupil in the eye and then

that reflects back in to the camera so

this is an effect that you get when

you're using a flash that's actually on

your camera so to avoid redeye in your

images try using a flash that's a little

bit larger maybe not the on-camera flash

maybe like a speedlight or just try

turning the flash off altogether and try

shooting in natural light alright let's

go ahead and jump into our image and see

how we remove redeye in Photoshop so

here's our image for today and there are

a lot of complicated tools in Photoshop

but we've actually got one kind of a

hidden tool in Photoshop that's called

the red eye tool it's located right here

under your healing brush or your Spot

Healing Brush tool so we're just going

to click there and go all the way down

to where we see the red eye tool okay

now settings by default are going to be

pupil size of 50% and darken about 50%

and by default those settings work

really really well now the tool is super

simple to use all you have to do is just

click and drag a square right around

your pupil try to keep it in about the

center and let go and literally that's

all there is to it

we're going to do it for the other eye

just click and drag right around and let

go and it does an amazing job actually

removing the red-eye inner images so

literally that's all there is to it this

was a lot more of an episode showing you

guys where the red eye tool is and

showing you guys that reddit that

Photoshop actually has a red eye tool

tutorial part not so much but we're

going to do one more thing in this

episode just because I would I want to

give you some more nuggets we're going

to show you guys how to replace her her

tooth as well so it looks like she lost

a tooth we're gonna just give her

another one here I'm going to use my

clone stamp tool so we're going to hit

s4 the clone stamp tool and then we're

gonna just sample let's starting this

tooth here and then right over here I'm

just going to paint another tooth there

we go and we're on a new layer

this time there we go so we've painted

in another tooth just like that now I'm

going to go ahead and flip this

horizontally so we're going to hit

command T right click and I'm going to

say flip horizontal there we go and then

I'm going to change the blending mode on

our image you can see how I've got some

area here that's kind of like darkening

the tooth in front of it but really all

we want to show up is the tooth which is

a it's going to be a light color so I

can change my blending mode so we're

only the lights are going to show up so

I'm going to go from normal on my

blending mode right here down to lighten

there we go and that works really really

well and now I can just put my new tooth

in there and then I can use either

eraser or a layer mask to just erase

over any surrounding areas that I need

to to get that to blend in and we can

see there we go didn't take too long we

got a new tooth so I just want to throw

in a little bit more to this episode but

you can see how easy it is you use the

red eye tool in Photoshop just simply

select the red eye tool and then drag a

rectangle over the area you'd like to

change and it will move redeye instantly

thanks so much for watching today's

episode guys I hoped it helped out next

time you got some redeye in your images

you don't have to cry yourself to sleep

you get a red eye tool in Photoshop if

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well phlearn you later bye everyone so

so some tips on so some tips on so some

tips on avoiding red eye in it alright

so some tips on avoiding red eye so to

avoid red eye so

we're gonna get this what about green I

could you use the tool for green eye

green eye doesn't exist oh that was the

worst joke I've ever that was just