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How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone Photos

hello again everyone this is Tim Buell

forgot to be mobile calm and I'm back

today with another quick iPhone video

tutorial today's topic is how do we

correct red eye on our iPhone photos

this is a problem that you get when you

get a flash that reflects strangely off

of someone's eyeball in the photo and

you get this red devilish eye this photo

that we're using here for demonstration

purposes has been photoshopped in order

to give the eyes a much harsher red eye

effect however the consequences will

still be the same when using the red eye

removal tool by clicking the Edit slider

and then the eyeball with the slash

thurmond you'll be able to tap to remove

the red eye effect from your subjects

eyes zooming in can definitely make this

easier especially if you're editing in a

group photo and especially if you have

multiple subjects that have the red eye

exhibited tapping each eyeball will

bring the color back down to a standard

eye color or at least darken it enough

where it blends in properly with the

subjects eyes using this tool is

incredibly useful and incredibly easy as

its right within the photos application

where you can already do cropping filter

selection and other minor adjustments to

the photo from here you can Photoshop

this or do whatever you'd like or if

it's ready to go send it off to friends

and family hope you found this helpful

we'll talk to you soon