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How to Fix Red Eye Photos on iPhone

hey everyone in today's quick video i

want to show you how to fix

red eye on your images on iphone so

typically when you use flash to take

images with your iphone

you may get this red eye effect but

there's an easy way to fix it i'm going

to show you that in this video

select the photo that you want to fix

and press edit

on top and edit gives you a whole bunch

of new options

like changing the exposure for example

you could go ahead and make things

darker brighter

you could increase the shadows you could

add different filters to make your image


a lot of options like that but none of

those options are gonna fix red eye

in order to fix red eye under the edit

menu there's an

option on the top that's an eyeball with

a line through it i know a lot of people

have never seen that before

but if you press that it says tap each


to remove red eyes so i'm going to zoom

in and i'm going to tap right in the

center of that red eye

and then i'll do it to the other one one

at a time now if i zoom out it looks

very natural

and it's really that simple to remove

red eye if you don't like that effect

you could press done

you could press edit again and you could

revert your images to the original

and then try it again it really depends

on if you zoom them far enough

and tap the right section when you're

removing red eye but i hope this quick

video solves your problem

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and i'll catch you next time thanks for