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Aloha everyone and welcome to skincare

with Hiram today I am talking about the

most moisturizing moisturizers

moisturizing moisturizers that you can

find on the market and what you should

look for if you're looking to hydrate

your dry skin quick shout out to marine

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see my videos every week so you have dry

skin and you have no idea what to do

with it you've tried all different kinds

of moisturizers but nothing is quite

working for you whether you live in a

dry area you have aged skin or you're

just trying to find something that's

deeply moisturizing I'm here to help you

I'm gonna go through all the helpful

tips that I find when looking for

hydrating moisturizers I have

combination skin an oily t-zone and dry

cheek so it's important that I use two

different moisturizers one of which is

deeply hydrating and there's a lot of

things that I look for within a

moisturizer but these are the primary

things now if you're not new to my

channel you know that I stressed the

importance of ingredients I know I know

when you look at the back of a product

you can't understand anything that it

says but I'm here to help you to try to

find the most important things that you

should look for in the ingredient list

the effectiveness of products is largely

based upon the ingredients and

concentrations found within them so I

always suggest looking through the

ingredient list and looking for a few

chemicals or bases that you should look

for in your moisturizer so when it comes

to deep hydration a really important

aspect is to look for exfoliating acids

for ingredients you should look for

hyaluronic acid which is an acid found

in the body that's deeply exfoliating

and able to hold like 300 times its mass

and water I can't remember the exact

number but you know higher who's editing

this but the number right here it

retains moisture in the skin and is

really good for ensuring that you are

anteye aged hydrated and that your pores

are clean glycolic acid which is found

in nature and a lot of fruits which very

much helps with hydration as well as

making sure that the skin stays youthful

through exfoliation lactic acid which is

an organic acid found in nature and in

the body which also helps with

dehydration as well

ceramides which are lipids found in the

skin that really help make sure that

your skin is well balanced and hydrated

to ensure that you don't age sodium high

all in a rate which is a much more

concentrated form of hyaluronic acid I

personally prefer sodium high Eleanor

rate because of its strength but look

for that as well and peptides which are

anti-aging amino acids that can be found

within the skin and which severely help

with hydration of the skin look for all

these and you should be good for finding

your next moisturizer however I want to

recommend some products as well but I

highly recommend to anyone who is

looking for a moisturizer that is deeply

hydrating so yeah I'm pretty sure I've

said the word hydrating like 50 billion

times in this video and you're about to

hear at 50 billion more so get ready

for moisturizers if you're looking

for a low cost moisturizer I recommend

the sirve moisturizing cream which runs

at about $12 I really like this because

it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid

which ensures that your skin is

moisturized this cream is very popular

and known as like a dupe for lemare but

I just find that it's really effective

and just a good moisturizer for anyone

who's looking to not spend a ton of

money but get really good benefits for

the skin for a moisturizing cream that

focuses on ceramides I would recommend

the dr. jar serum iDEN cream which

retails for $39 I believe you can find

it at Sephora and this is great because

it has a low sodium high olanna rate

ceramides lactic acid collagen and so

much more this is a plethora of amazing

ingredients that you want to find in

your moisturizer I was so shocked when I

looked through the ingredient list

because I was like oh this good but I

would highly recommend this to anyone

and it's not too much money either for

another very effective moisturizer I

would recommend the Paula's Choice skin

recovery moisturizer which retails for

$29 the ingredients in this product

include peptides sodium hyaline array

and aloe which are all very moisturizing

and reparative creams this one really

helps make sure that your skin is

recovering throughout the day as you use

it to prevent it against

skin damage and Reynes and lastly if

you're looking for a more luxurious

moisturizer that is deeply hydrating

with amazing ingredients I would

recommend the drunk elephant peptide

cream which retails for $68 this cream

is amazing because it has so many

peptides I think it has nine strings of

peptides sodium hyaline rates and lactic

acid this is awesome because it's Anna

gel formula but very hydrating and has a

ton of peptides that will prove to be

very beneficial to your skin however

because it's $68 it is a bit more luxury

priced but if you feel that it's worth

it drunk elephant is always an amazing

company at - support if you're looking

for the sources as to how I learned all

this information a look down below I

want to thank new Beauty cause DNA and

Mingo madness for supplying me with a

lot of this information so your dry skin

care worries can begun what do you guys

think what are you some of your favorite

moisturizers I really want to hear a

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