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Dermatology Answers : Home Remedies for Dry Skin Around the Mouth

hi this is dr. Loretta sarado from dr.

Loretta calm board-certified

dermatologist and author of six weeks to

sensational skin let's talk about home

remedies for dry skin around the mouth

and the first thing I'd like you to do

if you do have some dry skin around the

mouth is take a look in the mirror

because we like to divide the group of

people with dry skin around the mouth

into people who have red dry skin or a

non red dry skin if your skin is both

red and dry then there's a very good

chance that what you're suffering from

is some long-term or chronic allergy to

a product that you use around your mouth

this would typically be toothpaste which

may have some cinnamon or cinemate

derivatives in it this can also be the

whitening strips we do see some people

now who are getting problems with the


rarely but it can happen it can also be

dental floss and the lipstick so if

you're red and dry first try to

determine the culprit be a little bit of

a Sherlock Holmes and say to this

problem started at such-and-such time

what can I do you may want to just

switch to baking soda toothpaste now if

the problem is just dry and it's not

accompanied by redness then I'm going to

suggest that you sleep with something

like vaseline or aquaphor on your lips

every single night if this alone doesn't

work after about a week please see a

board-certified dermatologist