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Treatment options to get rid of redness after waxing - Dr. Rasya Dixit


hi I'm dr. Raza from dr. big certainly

manual all girls go to the parlor to get

ready for events but some simple

treatments in Apollo can cause problems

which make you look for a quick fix or

look for a doctor online and one of the

most frequently asked questions for us

is how do we treat rashes after waxing

and especially vaccine sensitive areas

like underarms or face you have to

understand that the process of vaccine

is a process of removal of hair using a

mechanical exfoliant with a medicine is

applied or a wax is applied on the skin

and it's ripped off and this process of

ripping off the hair from its roots

actually causes a lot of damage to the

hair as well as the skin and people with

sensitive skin and especially this

mechanism is repeated again and again

because one or two has are being left

behind it is done applied again a hot

wax is applied on the sensitive area as

well and it's ripped off again the area

becomes more and more Center and

especially because the underarm area

undergoes a lot of friction because of

the clothing which might be used in this

area or because there's a lot of

sweating in this area this becomes a

problem for most young people so first

of all when you are going to do accent

make sure that you do not go when the

hairs are very very thin or very very

short make sure that there are adequate

length at least one centimeter growth

before you go for your waxing that means

at least a 1:1 gap between your waxing

interval this allows the wax to be

adherent and it comes off in one smooth

move instead of repeated application if

all the hairs do not come off in one

quick motion and only one or two hairs

are left behind ask them to do a

threading instead of going for another

procedure of exit the other option is to

immediately ask them to ice the area

where and this icing is going to reduce

the redness and the inflammation of this

area an application of a lacto calamine

based cream can also help soothe this

area so when you're planning for waxing

and the redness

actually a burn happens

then the pain or the inflammation which

is happening is not going to subside

with the icing or with just the lactic

alameen application and it is going to

become persisted and it is going to

cause ruling and in that time you need

to go and see the dermatologist who can

probably examine you and maybe have to

prescribe a little bit of an antibiotic

so make sure that your planning even

your parlour is it smartly