get rid

Shaving problems? How to get rid of red spots after shaving

birth Plank red razor bumps redness and

ingrown hairs are often problems many

experienced after shaving

in fact over 27% of adults experience

problems in connection with shaving this

applies to shaving your face body

underarms and intimate areas often

bacteria are the problem the problems

are caused by bacteria that settle in

the open pores after shaving the

bacteria create a small inflammatory

condition that can turn into bumps or

possibly ingrown hairs

this means that maintaining good hygiene

and using the right products is highly

important in the fight against razor

bumps and ingrown hairs therefore we

have developed several unique products

containing 100% natural tea tree oil

that effectively counteracts bacteria

that cause discomfort in connection with

shaving we have several products for

shaving your face body underarms and

intimate areas all products are

formulated with 100% natural ingredients

and are dermatologically tested