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What causes red cheeks? Get rid of redness on cheeks? - Dr. Rasya Dixit| Doctors' Circle


hi I'm dr. Raza Dikshit I'm a

dermatologist in private practice in

Bangalore from the last 15 years though

rosy cheeks are told to be a sign of

good health often people who have very

red cheeks or pink cheeks are teased

because they are looking as if they are

permanently blushing this is definitely

a concern in people who are outdoors

people who are prone to getting more

flushing of the cheeks when they are

angry or when they are laughing or when

they eat some kinds of foods which are

spicy foods with sun exposure they get a

redness of the cheek then we call the

sensitive skin syndrome or rosacea in

these conditions we need to make sure

that the skin care is very appropriate

usually people with red cheeks have more

dry skin they have more sensitive skin

so they should use ph-balanced soap free

cleansers as their face wash and make

sure they are using a good thick barrier

cream as their moisturiser

2 to 3 times a day and use physical

sunscreens basically not use chemicals

in their skincare products and even when

they take off their makeup or your face

washes make sure that they're using

micellar water and not chemical based

preparations or detergent based

solutions the other thing is to probably

avoid going too much in the Sun or

eating those foods which caused more

flushing of the sticks using of LED

treatments IPL treatments which can be

done at a dermatologists office helped

to significantly bring down the redness

of the cheeks so if you feel that

redness of the cheek is persistent it is

associated with the feeling of flushing

or hotness over the cheek it is time for

you to visit to the dermatologist who

can help you reduce these symptoms