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Red, Pimple-Like Bumps on Stomach : All-Natural Care

and we're hanging out at fresh from

Earth this video is going to show you

how to take care of the red pimple like

bumps that may appear on your stomach

these bumps could appear from a buildup

of bacteria or if you're doing heavy

activity and you're sweating a lot so to

take care of this problem you want to

make sure that you make shower promptly

after a workout or wipe yourself down to

make sure that there's no sweat and

you're nice and dry you can also use a

spray bottle of tea tree oil which is

antibacterial and tea tree oil will help

take care of some of the bacterial

build-up that may occur so you'll spray

some on and you'll wipe it down and this

will help you take care of the red

pimples occurring on your stomach I'm

gonna do Abdul thanks for watching