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Little Bumps on Your Face & How to Get Rid of Them

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I'm gonna talk about all the little

bumps all over your face that look like

mini pimples but they aren't and no

matter what you try to do they won't go

away or what they are commonly referred

to as fungal acne now you're someone who

likes take care of your skin at least I

hope so if you're watching my videos

otherwise what the hell are you doing on

my channel go over and wash your face

[ __ ] you have a skincare routine you

use products and you notice that no

matter what skincare products you use

you always have these little bumps all

over your face they won't go away

they're super annoying and you're

frustrated because you're like I'm doing

everything right I'm doing what I should

for a skincare routine why are these

things happening and if your skin has

looked like this then you are the person

that needs to listen up and take notes

for this video yes you know I assume

most of you guys watching this are like

oh my god finally harnes making a video

about this which I'm sorry I've wanted

to make a video about this for months

but honestly I felt so anxious about it

and kept putting it off because I've

seen other people's videos where they're

trying to educate people about fungal

acne and people in the comment sections

are so mean so rude acting like

self-absorbed know-it-alls when it's

just like hey we're just trying to help

calm down and I pushed it off as long as

possible but you know I I'm just gonna

do it the haters you know what I mean

but if I'm stumbling around you guys

know why as this is something usually

dermatologists talk more about and I'll

talk more about that later in the video

but yeah I feel like this is a really

important topic because those little

bumps and fungal acne is something that

a lot of people struggle with but don't

realize that they're struggling with and

I'm gonna get into why that is if you

have fungal acne what ingredients to

look for and avoid and the best products

to use to get rid of it so let's get

into it as I started this video I want

to say I have linked multiple videos in

the description box below from different

dermatologists and other content

creators or they focus a lot on the

information and research behind fungal

acne and different treatments for it and

I'm not gonna get super super techie in

this because that's just really not the

style of my channel I'm not like mister

chemist over here I just like to do fun

skincare things but this is valuable

information to know and if you want to

learn more about it you have those

resources but this video is just gonna

explain overall what you can do to help


so first let me establish just those

little bumps on your face are commonly


- as a fungal Acme but here's the

reality fungal acne is not acne it does

not operate in the same way and a lot of

acne treatment products will not affect

or get rid of fungal acne in the skin

which is why I typically don't like

calling it fungal acne because when

people hear fungal acne they're like oh

it's just like pimples I use a spot

treatment use a mask and it'll go away

and no [ __ ] that's not the reality this

is a whole different ball park wet in

the fungal acne territory now I can't

tell if that was Scottish or

incompetence so fungal acne is a type of

yeast in the skin and it's called bare

with me

Malassezia malassezia folk malassezia

Volvo Felicia Felicia lightest

malassezia Felicia lightest off

malassezia for Lissa lightest whoo you

guys know this you don't come to my

channel for accurate pronunciations but

you know what I don't like to pronounce

it I just like to refer to it as MF just

like [ __ ] okay maybe that was a

little overboard I'm just gonna call it

MF from now on and I actually referred

to using this term over fungal acne

because when people hear the term acne

like I said before they typically go in

with the wrong solutions so malassezia

is common on the skin because it resides

basically wherever skin oils are but MF

or fungal acne occurs when there's an

overproduction of oil and moisture on

the face and the yeast loves that it's

like a hot bathtub for them which is

where the yeast will start to grow

across the skin and you see all of those

little bumps I know kind of nasty right

but it's okay we're here to get rid of

it now this typically occurs in people

who have oily or skin or if you live in

a really humid environment or if you're

an athlete who sweats a lot on your face

and body that's typically who struggles

with MF the most now the tricky thing

with MF is eye is a clinical diagnosis

you get that diagnosis from a

dermatologist but it's really really

difficult to diagnose because a lot of

the times it looks like regular acne and

I'll pause right here and say if you are

struggling with this and you are someone

who has access to a dermatologist please

go to your dermatologist and use them as

a resource to figure out whether you're

struggling with this or not

dermatologists are the best resources

for information and I know so many

people in my comment section are like

you can't give out skincare advice

you're not a dermatologist

not everyone can afford a dermatologist

[ __ ] and here in the US a dermatologist

appointments are crazy expensive and

only for the most privileged people in

society most people cannot afford it and

that's why I make these videos to help

you guys out in case you don't have

access to one but if you do have access

to one please go utilize that resource

because they'll be a bit

give you the most accurate diagnosis and

while I'm not saying that you should

diagnose yourself there are some science

as to whether or not you are struggling

with MF or not like I said before you'll

notice small little bumps but they won't

necessarily look like whiteheads like

you can't pop any of them not that you

should ever pop any type of acne they're

all the same size they don't look like

pimples or some are burst some are

enclosed some are bigger some are

smaller they're pretty uniform in size

and you may notice some itchiness as

well and they typically on the face at

least form all right here and sometimes

around the mouth these are signs that

you could be struggling with MF or

fungal acne so if you're like oh my god

harm this perfectly describes what I've

been struggling with for so long then I

want to tell you what ingredients to

look for and what ingredients to avoid

in the skincare products that you're

currently using make sure that none of

your existing products are causing the

problem before you go out and buy some

new products so as far as ingredients to

avoid if you don't want to struggle with

MF it's complicated I wish it was easy

like saying just avoid this ingredient

this ingredient and this ingredient and

you're good to go [ __ ] but no in

reality there's potentially hundreds of

ingredients that you have to look out

for that could trigger that

overproduction of yeast in the skin

there's fatty acids linoleic acid lauric

acid esters fatty alcohols etc etc etc

etc just so many and honestly it would

not be productive of my time or of your

time for me to just go through every

single one of the ingredients and tell

you because they're just so freaking

many so what I recommend doing is going

to the website cz and what you can do is

you can copy and paste your entire

ingredient list of your product into a

search engine and they'll be able to

tell you whether any of the ingredients

do cause fungal acne or not they have a

database of over 250,000 ingredients and

honestly it's just way better to use

that resource than rely on what little

knowledge that I'll be able to give to

you and that you'll be able to retain so

use that website it's super easy you'll

be able to tell instantly whether your

product is right for your skin or not

ask for ingredients to look for this

will come as no surprise if you've

watched any of my videos it's the term

that I'm practically married to I won't

shut up about it and I can already feel

your eyes rolling all the way back in

your head niacin amide

you knew I was gonna come up nice and I

might is an incredible ingredient for so

many different reasons but specifically

in terms of fungal acne it's great

because niacin of my controls sebum

production within the skin so it'll help

to make sure that your skin is less oily

produces less of that oil that that

yeast clings to to be able to grow and

this is gonna be really important

because this is taking care of the root

problem rather than trying to get rid of

the surface level issues it's way better

for your skin to reduce how much oil it

produces rather than you having to go in

with products afterwards that will strip

your skin as much as possible it's good

for any skin type honestly if you're not

on the niacinamide train already where

have you been it's time girl wake the

hell up if you are looking for a

recommendation one of my recent

favorites is the notorious Anna my 12%

serum this one's great because it feels

very lightweight as opposed to some

other niacinamide so it shouldn't feel a

little bit heavier a little bit tacky

err and that's really important because

you want to make sure you reduce as many

oils on your face as much as possible

and having a good lightweight layer will

be great for that this is one of the

only niacinamide products on the market

and honestly my experiences with them

have been so good I've talked about this

one before and it has found a place on

my shelf because that's how much I'm

enjoying it another one you can use if

you do have more combination to normal

skin is the ink ulis niacinamide serum

this one's good too but honestly all my

other favorite niacinamide serums are

sold out right now and i don't know when

they'll be back in stock but I'm

definitely comfortable recommending that

one another ingredient I recommend

looking for is salicylic acid which

again comes as no surprise I'm

constantly talking about salicylic acid

on my channel salicylic acid is an

exfoliating ingredient so it goes deep

into the pores and pushes out all the

dead skin cells in dirt but it also

helps to clear the oil on your face

which makes it really good for anyone

who's struggling with this issue or has

oily skin it's great for getting rid of

pimples and acne but it's also

antifungal which is really gonna help to

prevent that yeast from growing on your

skin now this is one of the main

ingredients used to treat acne but the

problem with a lot of other anti acne

ingredients like benzoyl peroxide is

that they don't really have any impact

on MF and can sometimes make the problem


but salicylic acid is different and will

actually be beneficial for it which is

why I'm just always recommending

salicylic acid is the best acne

ingredient in general again I won't shut

up about it because it solve so many

different issues it's just a great one

to go with in general though it's good

to go away from products that have a lot

of oil content so stay away from a lot

of facial oils make sure you're checking

your moisturizers ingredient list to

make sure there's not a high

concentration of really heavy oils that


tribute to this issue but again use a

website as a resource that's the easiest

way to go about it look for these

ingredients in your skincare products

and if any of your products you do have

add ingredients for fungal acne give

them away and start using some of your

products that have a high concentration

of niacinamide or salicylic acid now

let's get into products because this is

really where you're gonna start seeing a

difference if everything you've working

hasn't been working so far now you guys

are gonna think I'm crazy for the

products that I'm recommending next in

order to help get rid of MF I recommend

using a shampoo no I haven't gone insane

this is still higher no one's taken over

my body yet so funny because I'm always

the person that's like don't use

products that aren't formulated for your

skin on your face and then Here I am

like boom

oh god that sounded like the people from

my home town so there's a specific

ingredient in anti dandruff shampoos

called ketoconazole ketoconazole

ketoconazole see this is the problem I

watched so many videos about this

ingredient I learn about it and then I

can't remember how to pronounce it what

is wrong with my brain so this is an

amazing ingredient that helps to get rid

of all the excess oil that typically

forms around the base of our hair shaft

which when dried is dandruff and studies

have shown that it's actually a really

really effective ingredient for getting

rid of MF on yo face and the specific

one that I've used and recommend is the

news oral anti dandruff 1% shampoo all

you have to do is this one is make sure

your skin is damp then take a good

amount smother on your face and leave it

on there for a good 5 to 10 minutes and

then rinse off afterwards you can do

this every day and it will really helps

get rid of the problem I know this

sounds insane but trust so many

dermatologists recommend this and all of

my sources recommended it as well so

it's a good one to go with oh by the way

all the products I'm talking about in

today's video are listed in the

description box below if you do want to

support me in my channel I make a small

Commission off of them and I would

really appreciate it if you do feel like

shopping them but no pressure whatsoever

they're just there as a resource for you

out of all the products in this video

that's probably the main one I recommend

to go with and the one that definitely

yields the best results if you look for

progress all silic acid I recommend

going in with the salicylic face

cleanser as this is the most gentle form

of getting salicylic acid into your skin

and I personally love the Cera be

renewing salicylic acid cleanser this

one's gentle but effective does what

it's supposed to do or if you want

something a little bit stronger the ink

ulis salicylic acid cleanser as well

well these are gonna be good ways of

getting salicylic acid into your skin

without the possible sensitivity about

leaving salicylic acid on your skin can

bring I just spent five minutes looking

for this like worse but if you are open

to leave on products I

love love love love the Paul's choice 2%

BHA liquid this one is a miracle worker

literally makes my pores look smaller I

don't know how I don't know why it's

definitely one of my ride-or-die

products and lasts forever any of these

salicylic acid products will help to get

rid of the problem but also help to make

sure you prevent getting the problem in

the future

excess oil and dirt from your pores for

sulfur I really only have one product

recommendation is because most of the

sulfur products I'm familiar with are

paired alongside benzoyl peroxide but

benzoyl peroxide is not effective at

treating MF but the Delacruz 10% sulfur

mask is a great option to use a few

times a week up to every day to really

clear away the excess oil and dirt and a

good ingredients look for is honey honey

is antifungal as well as

anti-inflammatory so it's not only gonna

fight against that yeast it's also gonna

make sure that your skin isn't red

irritated or sensitized I'm from honey

mask is one of my favorite masks and I

love this one specifically because of

how high of a concentration of honey it

has but it's also formated with a lot of

other amazing ingredients that are

really gonna be good for your the skin

using honey by itself can be good but my

stand point is is if you're gonna use

honey you may as well use a product with

a lot of other really beneficial

ingredients as well to treat a bunch of

different issues and this one does a

great job of that you just leave it on

for 10 to 15 minutes washed off

afterwards and even though I wouldn't

say it's necessary to getting rid of

fungal acne it's definitely gonna be an

extra boost to help after I use this my

skin always feels so soft super hydrated

and the ingredients definitely should

know the quality of this product and

then finally I have a few last tips and

tricks to make sure that you're avoiding

m-f as much as possible first I'd say

don't use a lot of moisturizer I see

this tendency when people start getting

really into skincare that they use a lot

of moisturizer every single day and in

reality you really don't need to use

very much appiied to a dime-sized amount

to at most typically brands will push

you to use a lot every day because you

run through the product faster which

means you're gonna have to repurchase

sooner and make them more money but I'd

say at this point your skin is

definitely being over moisturized so

it'll really help to just make sure

you're not applying as much moisturizer

also stay away from skincare routines

that have a lot of hydrating products in

them like you don't need a hydrating

toner you don't need an essence you

don't need a prep water or a prep lotion

a hydrating serum like these aren't

necessary when your skin is going

through this and it's actually gonna be

a lot better if you scale back your

routine to a civil one because your skin

has too many oils on it and each of

those products likely have a bunch of

different oils that when combined all

together are contributing to this issue

so just make sure you minimize

your routine or at the very least make

sure your products are fungal acne safe

if you are someone who works out or

you're an athlete make sure you remove

your sweaty clothes as soon as possible

after the workout because the sweat and

the clothing rubbing up against your

skin is only gonna make that humidity

and oil problem worse and make sure you

don't let the sweat stay on your skin so

if you have a sanitary cloth that you

can use to wipe your face or rinsing

your face while working out anything to

make sure the sweat isn't sitting on

your skin is really gonna help to

prevent this wow that was an information

heavy video whoo you know what I'm

feeling good about it though I stand by

all of my recommendations like I said if

you do want to see more resources and

more tips and tricks I highly recommend

checking out each of my resources below

there's actual dermatologists there who

go in to really really tense detail as

well as other Creators that I love so

I'm worse I just wanted to give you guys

the basics

have you guys struggled with fungal acne

before isn't a current problem that

you're facing what do you recommend let

me know in the comment section down


I would love to see your comments I mean

I always love to see your comments I

hope at least this video can help people

realize the condition that their skin is

in or be the final push to go to the

dermatologist or hopefully helping you

find products that will correct this

issue if anything I just want my videos

help you guys I've also linked videos

below from creators I love like Leah you

Susan Yara Cassandra Bankson that made

great videos about this as well and if

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