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How To Eliminate Butt Acne (Buttne) | Stop Butt Breakouts & Pimples

FAT you can get pimples anywhere on your

body except two places you know they are

palms and the bottoms of your feet but

as you know your butt cheeks do get the

occasional rogue pimple who hasn't had

one right it's what butt cheeks do they

get pimples occasionally and the

occasional robot pimple is no big deal

you deal with it it goes away you scrub

it it might hurt a little bit but it

eventually goes away but there are some

people that suffer from chronic butt

pimples aka butt acne aka butt knee

caused by dead skin cells and bacteria

that ends up in the hair follicle

causing it to get inflected inflected

infected inflamed and swollen is it


no is it unsightly its pimples on your

butt who wants that right you're getting

all like yeah it would totally mess up

your game if you're getting seductive on

somebody's ass and all sudden you turn

around you're twerking and you got

pimples on your butt nobody wants this

right so today I'm gonna help alleviate

the inflame situation alright so one of

the biggest issues that people have and

one of the reasons why they actually

develop butt acne is because their butt

cheeks get excessively sweaty right and

the sweat it's just moist it's damp

bacteria loves dark wet damp places your

wet butt cheeks one of those places if

your butt cheeks are sweaty because you

were just at the gym take a shower as

soon as you can

but the issue arises in summertime right

because you're walking you're out it's

hot or you're sitting in the car you're

sitting on your butt and it sweats so

one thing that you can try is actually

to bring along wet wipes when you get to

work when you get to wherever you're

going you go and you actually use them

on your butt cheeks cleaning it up

helping get rid of any bacteria that may

be developing and while you're showering

don't just let the water hit it you've

got to actually exfoliate help get

rid of those dead skin cells that can

trap that hair and all the stuff that's

actually going on inside those pores a

great idea is to actually use a loofah

or body puff now you may be thinking oh

great yeah I never thought to scrub my

butt cheeks and my acne has it gone away

really well here's the deal you can also

combine it with a benzoyl peroxide body

wash like this this is Pinnock so

benzoyl peroxide acne creamy wash you

can use this in the shower on the areas

that are effective they sell it at most

drugstores but also at Amazon you

showered you've exfoliated you've used

the benzoyl peroxide body wash on your

butt now the next step is to actually

help unclog those pores the way that you

can do that is by utilizing a salicylic

acid pad Neutrogena makes a great one

it's the rapid clear daily treatment pad

so how often do you use the pads while

you are trying to get your acne under

control I would probably say every day

follow the instructions but once it

starts to clear up then that's when you

can actually sort of curtail it a little

bit maybe go every other day every third

day and really find that sweet spot so

what is actually working and keeping

your butt cheeks clean and clear and as

far as treatments go that's pretty much

the protocol to get your butt acne under

control but one thing that I will remind

you if you are currently shaving your

butt cheeks to get rid of the hair with

a razor you need to stop you also need

to watch the video I did about the

proper way to manage your butt cheek air

it's listed in length in the description

because I'm oh

never use a razor on your butt cheeks I

have learned the hard way that razors

and butt cheeks just don't mix gentlemen

if you've got a grooming related

question some go ask your weird uncle

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