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Woman's Armpit Mystery Skin Condition Solved

viewers often contact us with all kinds

of medical questions

when Monica emailed us about her mystery

condition we knew we had help so we sent

her to dermatologist dr. Sonia Batra to

find some answers I've had friends ask

me what you will have underneath my arms

and you know try to explain to them I'm

not really sure what it is it's not

contagious but so far nothing has made

it go away about five years ago I

noticed a small rash underneath my arms

almost looking like skin tags they're

red and brown they start almost up here

and go pretty far down then I start

noticing other bumps in my bikini area

they're quite bright red my wardrobe is

it's really difficult I wear a lot of

long-sleeve shirts even during the

summer months my arms are always near my

body especially if I'm wearing something

that's sleeveless I really try to kind

of adjust myself where nobody sees

what's going on that's where I could use

different options to cover them up even

makeup it could be concealer it could be

foundation I've seen three different

dermatologists and nothing so far seems

to be working I feel very hopeless than

frustrated because the areas have grown

a lot over the years mine works for that

yeah it will never go away to meet you

as well

this is definitely a more pronounced

case and I can understand why it's so

distressing to her given how extensive

it is do they bother you or they itch II

or painful they don't itch they don't

hurt me it's more visual one of the

things I want to do is a culture just to

see if there's any secondary bacterial

or virus or fighters the second thing

I'd like to do definitely is a punch

biopsy where we actually always take

like a cookie cutter so it'll mean

really look at the base of it there are

definitely a few different things that

can look like this but we just want to

figure out what's going on so we can

really tailor your treatment

Monica joins us with dr. Bhatia and

Monica have you ever had any answers to

what this might be I've seen a couple

doctors there have been no answers it's

kind of a mystery well you're with the

best now so actually it showed a really

unusual pattern of something called

granulomatous inflammation and that's an

inflammation that goes on for a really

long time and your immune system is

actually meant to protect you against

infection but when it's going on for

months and even years as in your case it

actually takes on a life of its own and

that's what's actually forming these

bumps so what we're planning to do is

actually a little bit different we're

going to use a laser which is a Equinox

fractional co2 laser we're going to do

that over a series just so that we can

really blend it and make it mesh with

the surrounding skin okay and then the

secondary thing is because there's so

much inflammation there the laser is

going to help us use anti-inflammatories

and cortisone to really absorb a little

bit better so not only do we settle it

and make it look better but we can

really keep it from coming back over I

know traffic

how are you feeling this that okay

you'll I can't feel anything and so what

I'm doing here is I'm actually taking

the fractional laser and just taking off

the top layer of skin very gently and

sort of a grid pattern but then what

it's also going to do is it's going to

open up that surface that barrier of the

skin so that the anti inflammatory that

we're going to prescribe can also

penetrate so we're going to give you an

antibiotic that will actually help kill

the bacteria so it doesn't continue and

I think the lesson we can all learn here

is if you're dealing with a problem for

such a long period of time sometimes you

need something like a biopsy to figure

out what's going on Monica you are on

the road to recovery