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How to Treat and Avoid Razor Bumps


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razor bumps what are they they're the

result of your hair growing back the

wrong way when your hair starts to grow

back which is almost immediately after

you shave the hair can sometimes curl

back in your skin instead of growing

straight out

this causes raised red bumps on the skin

they're an eyesore and the edge works

yet those bumps can often look like

pimples if they become infected what

causes them there are a number of

factors that can cause razor bumps one

is genetic if you have thick curly hair

you're about 50% more likely to

experience a problem other factors are

all related to the shades itself one of

the main culprits is not properly

preparing the skin in hair for the shave

another cause is the blade itself

today's multi-blade cartridge razor uses

a principle called hysteresis otherwise

known as lifting cut technology the

first blade is designed to tug on the

hair well the other blade or many other

blades cut it as the razor passes the

hair then retracts back under this game

curly hair or blockages of the follicle

may not allow the hair to exit the skin

properly causing a bump the best way to

treat razor bumps is to prevent them

from occurring obvious right and it is

possible start with a hot shower to

soften your skin in hair or at least

splashing your face with warm water

doing so will not only help remove pore

clogging dirt and debris but it also

makes the hair 25% more elastic and

easier to cut

you also want to use a good shape rock

like creme Oh shave cream this provides

the most ideal surface for the blade to

glide over smoothly read the directions

use sparingly and be sure to let the

shave cream settle in on the skin for a

minute or so before you start some

people find it beneficial to use an

exfoliation product about once a week

which is fine

just be careful over exfoliating can

actually irritate the skin so polish

carefully fellas

be sure to change your blade every three

to five shapes better yet consider using

a razor with a single blade there are

several models available and it's easy

to find a high-quality classic double

edge safety razor yeah like the one your

grandpa probably used now that's how to

shave like a jump


no matter what razor you use the way you

use it can dramatically affect the way

your skin looks and feels after a shave

first and most important understand how

your hair grows hair on the face often

grows in several different directions

and different areas to see how yours

grows lightly rub the tips of your

fingers along your face in different

directions you will find that it feels

smoother from one direction and rougher

from other directions the direction that

feels the smoothest is referred to as

the grain of the beard do yourself a

favor and make a sketch of your face

with arrows showing the grain on each

part always shave with the grain of your

beard if you feel you need a closer

shave quickly rinse with warm water real

either then shave across the grain if

you're plagued with razor bumps never

shave against the grain

not press down on the razor or over

stretching the skin as you're shaving

ideally you want to make sure the skin

is just taught enough to flatten the

skin for a nice even cut also make an

effort to shave efficiently

do your best to not repeat the exact

same stroke over the exact same spot

again and again it's pretty simple if

there isn't any lather in an area don't

shave them after shaving it's important

to rinse with a generous amount of warm

water just to remove any lather residue

which might remain on the skin and clog

pores then rinse with cool water and

apply a small amount of push a ball

applying balm while the skin is wet will

not only help hydrate the skin but will

also cover more evenly

okay so now that I have a smooth shave

hopefully you guys were able to learn a

couple things on how to prevent and

treat razor bumps be sure to follow the

tips in this video for bump free skin

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