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2 Simple Skin Care Remedies To Prevent BUMPS & PIMPLES AFTER WAXING

hello and welcome today we're going to

talk on how to reduce vaccine bumps

waxing is generally a painful procedure

for almost all women in some cases

vaccine can even lead to red and

irritated skin don't worry we'll provide

you for some simple remedies that you

can show at home

soothe the affected area with the ice

take an ice cube heat it up and let it

melt a bit once it melts remove it and

apply it on the bumps this will give you

a cooling effect and will relieve you

from Paige continue this several times

till the bump flattens out take some

aloe vera juice apply it on the skin

evenly leave it for about 20 minutes and

then wash off with cold water take some

green tea apply this on the affected

area to reduce vaccine bumps thanks for

watching this video I hope this remedy

helped you stay healthy do like this

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