get rid

Quick tip for Chigger bites

hey guys welcome back to a venture

camping just wanted to take a quick

minute here to maybe help I give

everybody some pointers on bites

as you know if you watch my channel not

long ago but a week ago I did a survival

kit test and I was out the wood for

three days and I got a obscene number of

bites I put on my personal

Facebook page like 57 you know chiggers

57 survivalist zero I stopped counting

then so probably more but I started

going through and looking in different

internet resources to find out what was

the best thing to do for sugar bites and

you know what actually works

the first thing I got was this and it

works but it doesn't last very long at

all you have to apply it a whole bunch

of different times so yeah it was

effective but only to a small extent you

know I was constantly constantly putting

it on then I found that you could mix

Vaseline and salt together now this

actually worked it starts to

bites kitchen for a very long period of

time it's only one major problem its

salt and Vaseline mixed together you

don't really want to rub this stuff on

you and then have to go to work or going

out to the mall or doing whatever going

grocery shopping with this stuff all

over it's going to get all in your

clothes all of your stuff yeah I mean

it's good works definitely work so if

you're at home and you have these two

things and if you're not doors man

you'll definitely have these two things

because you should always have petroleum

jelly because you're going to make your

cotton balls with the Vaseline right so

you've already got that throw in some

salt bingo works now best thing is this

right here you have to get a doctor's

prescription to get it way guy now last

year when me and baby Glock went to you

War II and it was right after a major

storm there was a ton of downed trees

all crossing the trails we really had a

hard time sometimes finding the trails

just because it was so many down trees

we're climbing over on

and I had like maybe ten twelve trigger

bites and she had them all over her body

so went to the doctor they prescribed

this and this works outstanding you know

we put it on a couple times a day it's a

little bit greasy at first but that

wears off pretty fast and this will

really stop the itch for most of the day

I thought of this because I was just

sitting on the grass side of my house

doing a multi-tool review or kind of

introduction and for some reason sitting

on that grass just set off those

bites like fire on my leg so grab this

stuff and bingo but just in case you

need it there's a good piece of advice

for you work for me

actually believe that buddy actually all

three did just very short term long term

but messy long term and not messy so

hope this helps if you're not doors man

I'm sure you've had gigabytes yourself

it's just technical stuff works try it

meantime prepare have fun