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Blotchy Skin: Prevention and Treatments You Need to Know

hello folks in this video we're going to

discuss about blotchy skin and how to

prevent it lachchi skin is characterized

by white red or gray patches on the skin

and is sometimes itchy or inflamed it

may develop anywhere on the body but

this problem normally appears on the

face neck and upper chest women are at

greater risk of blotchy skin than men

largest gain can be caused by a variety

of factors such as weather genetics and

allergies some of these causes are hard

to control but others are controllable

one of the skin conditions associated

with blotchy skin is rosacea which

occurs after the age of 30 it's

characterized by occasional flushing

which later turns into permanent redness

on the person's face the largest skin

can be unappealing and once the patches

start to appear it's difficult to make

them go away however you can prevent

them from appearing and have a healthy

skin by following these tips first

protect your skin especially the face

from the Sun wear a good quality

sunscreen SPF 15 or more about 20

minutes before stepping out in the Sun

secondly choose your skin care and

cosmetic products wisely a certain

product can give rise to blotchy skin

caused by irritant contact dermatitis

next is avoid red blotchy skin caused by

food allergy identifying such foods and

eliminating them from your diet some of

the most common foods that may trigger

an allergic reaction include egg fish

and Trina it's been found that anxiety

and stress have been known to cause

blotchy skin in some individuals

particularly those who suffer from

rosacea if this is the case with you

then you need to learn to manage stress

so start doing deep breathing exercises

as these

considered to be good for relaxation

your face is your window to the world so

take care of it and for more information

visit consumer health digest calm