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How to remove Red Skin Dots at home Quick & Easy Cherry Angioma treatment

in this video I'm going to show you how

easy it actually is to burn off your own

cherry angiomas I've had a few and for

years they've been there some on my

forehead on my neck the one on my neck I

cut shaving sometimes and they bleed a

lot so I was really happy to finally get

rid of them and I couldn't believe how

easy it was a few questions that a lot

of people have is doesn't hurt I would

say hardly at all I've had zits and

heard a lot more than burning off these

things so I really wouldn't worry about

the pain you can use pinheads pinheads

come in different sizes so if you have a

very small one you want a small pinhead

some people use paper clips I usually

use pin heads just shove it in a pencil

eraser and you can use a lighter to heat

it up you can use a candle whatever you

want so you're going to heat up the pin

till it's red-hot pull it away from the

flame and as soon as it's cooled down

enough that it's not glowing that's when

you touch your skin now you don't hold

it on your skin you just tap your skin

you never leave it in the same position

if you leave it in the same position on

and hold it down you're going to get

scars the first one I'll show you is on

my forehead now I already burn this off

three months ago but because I didn't

want any kind of scar I barely touched

it so you can see that I have to touch

it up again there's still a little bit

red but this was a lot bigger and

brighter than what you're seeing now so

just a quick tap and you can see it

changes color

there's no blood nothing to worry about

and you hardly feel anything

this one's on my neck and you can hear

it pop sometimes when you're burning

them off you'll get a pop sound other

times you don't really hear much of

anything this one on my shoulder I'm

just going to tap it a few times until I

feel like I got the whole thing a lot of

these will burn without even the pin

touching it if the pins hot enough if

you're using a small pin it's going to

heat up a lot quicker but it's also

going to cool down a lot quicker so you

don't have as much time last question

people have is what kind of scarring can

you expect well right after you'll

probably get a tiny scab then that will


and then you'll see where the scab was

and here's where I burned one off about

three months ago I can barely tell where

it was and it gets lighter and lighter

so probably in six months time it'll be

completely gone so have fun getting rid

of these things have an awesome day