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How To Get Rid of Ants In Your Garden (100% Proof It Works!!!!!)

have you ever had ants in your raised

bed I'm glad you asked today you find

out that ants get rid of first thing you

must do is you must look around your

yard and find em power because this

method has worked so well to me I have a

lot of ant piles but not really any ants

look how big this one is

this is the safe to you non-chemical I

don't have to go to the store even here

but for this moment I left one good

empire which is by my tamela tree I

don't want them here so what I'm gonna

do if you can see that get you a big

heaping shovel full there's always good

that is a little closer you find a close

to ham pile

I don't mind my hands growing up in my

yard but I do my time growing up near

the food and all you want to do is just

put them on top of the existing that

power what this does is this is

something I call ant Wars I'm going to

show you these ants actually go to war

you see that

these ants actually war so everywhere

you start to look in you start seeing

ants engaged in battle - - I mean it's

like mono e mono speaker

so what I'll do is I'll come back in

three or four days and you can

especially see it inside here if I can

get this all of those if you can zoom in

which is minded zooms and all the way

you can go as far as it can go

but all throughout their fighters to

save that Queen protect that Queen at

the top ants there on the but on the top

they're kind of in my mind they're in a

new place so that's trying to go down to

the ground and that powder that's on the

bottom doesn't want any foreign air to

pass through its house so that's where

the warrior suits in a little while this

whole thing might be filled with ants

everywhere like everybody's gonna come

out to the party and eventually they all

just leave the ones that are still alive

they leave and go on in the rest of your

yard and find another home which is what

you want to do as far as your food is

concerned you don't want to put anything

chemical on your beautiful beautiful

celery and salad and strawberries we'll

be right back to show you how it turns



all right so it's been about a week and

it's real breezy today I'm gonna try to

take y'all in a little little clothes

see I can see what's been going on so

this is our letters we have lettuce this

is garlic celery godly man get it


strawberries but this is what y'all want

to see this is what I want to see did it


how good did it work now I'm surely

gonna have a few answers

ants are always in the ground walking

around somewhere

but but what we want to see is do we

have an ant pile anymore this one was a

little bit difficult and I don't know if

it's because it was a raised bed that

they have more places to go as opposed

to just being the ground where they

could just disperse and leave the ground

I end up having again like three

different to put in here so you can see

all of this doesn't belong in here this

is regular dirt from the ground which

came from the F house the raised bed

usually looks like that right so this

probably gonna cost me I hope it doesn't

cause me a lot of problems with this

stuff weeds but look at that I'm a good

charring closes I can get you

you know before when I when I did this

they had ants coming up everywhere I

also got some of my casa vote it might

make it so that's what making a fan

around it so somebody's I'm going to

take out like this I can actually take

that out of there but for the most part

they're out of there now if they come

back you might have a few stragglers

that's like comes back like hey

everybody wish I but for the most part

they'll they'll be done and if you have

to get another power from somewhere and

put it on there you just do that and

tell that going like I said this one

deals with some bad suckers I think that

first pile I put on here I think they

slaughter them I don't think that powers

are big enough so I went and I found by

one of my trees they had a bigger pile

and I took about to shovel fulls from

that pile and bought it over and then I

found another pile I took a shower floor

and it was like all-out war that's it no

chemicals no anything just a shovel and

another Empire

grow grow grow vegetables plant that is