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How to Get Rid of Ants: Guaranteed Ant Control in Home & Yard (4 Easy Steps)

so you want to get rid of ants I don't

blame you hi I'm Keith McCoy with

solutions pest in line you know ants can

be really tricky to get rid of depending

on the type of ant that you have

oftentimes requires a special type of

application but today I'm going to show

you the solutions four-step process on

how to get total control of any ant

infestation this method has been

approved and tested by certified Adam

ologist and comes with a hundred percent

money-back guarantee so whether you have

a problem indoor or outdoor solutions

four-step process will eliminate any ant

infestation the first two steps of the

process are identification and

inspection knowing what type of ant that

you have and where it's found is

important for treatment there are many

different types of ants matter of fact

there's well over 10,000 ant species

worldwide luckily you and I only have to

deal with about 10 or 20 around our home

in business some of those ants include

carpenter ants pharaoh ants crazy ants

or fire ants identification and

inspection oftentimes go hand in hand

because it can be difficult to identify

the ant species the first thing you want

to do is you want to take a close look

at the body and you want to identify the

number of segments found note any body

characteristics like color and antenna

shape then note where you're seeing them

and their behavioral patterns for

example fire ants are found outdoors

they're found in flower beds and in turf

grass or maybe you see an ants on the

inside could be Pharaoh ants or little

black ants inspect your property by

checking around the perimeter of your

home or business look for areas where

ants are most commonly found around the

foundation entry points into the

structure flower beds mulch beds these

are all real common areas also don't

forget check up underneath the brick a

flower pot logs and other debris that

may be laying on the ground inspect the

inside by checking around windows doors

underneath these kitchens

bathroom sink these are areas where

answer often found sometimes you might

even see ants foraging for food and

they'll create a trail and you can just

follow them and they'll lead you right

to where they're nesting the third step

to the process is control we're going to

use a combination of products by FNL pee

and reclaim my tea by FNL P is a grain

that our insecticide that is applied to

the yard using either a hand spreader or

a push spreader by FNL P should be

applied to your turf grass or flowerbed

after applying the by FNL P we're going

to follow up with reclaim IT reclaim IT

is a liquid insecticide that will be

sprayed on the turf grass this serves

two purposes one it helps water in the

bifeng granules two it also provides

immediate control you can also use this

product around the windows and door

frames around the eaves of the house or

building and also around the perimeter

inside we're going to use fit pro

aerosol foam FitPro

is actually a non repellent and is

delivered as a foam to fill all voids

cracks and crevices as a non repellent

that's important because ants will

actually come in contact with it and

return to the colony and contaminate

others next apply and tracks bait gel

where you're seeing ant activity at

tracks comes in a syringe for easy

application and has been tested to be

one of the most effective baits

available apply and tracks and locations

where ant activity is common such as

kitchens near appliances near baseboards

and entry points it is important for the

bait and feeding ants to be left alone

for several days so that it will

effectively control the infestation in

about seven to ten days

you should eliminate your ant problem if

you're still seeing some stragglers

we'll send you a free can a flushing

agent to get immediate control

we don't always recommend that right off

the bat because if you kill ants too

quickly they will oftentimes relocate

the fourth and final step to the process

is prevention keep your home clean

vacuum floors regularly sweep up crumbs

clean baseboards pick up

pet food store perishable foods in

airtight containers seal up any cracks

and crevices trim vegetation back from

the house all of these things are very

simple to do and it will help you get

long-term control and eliminating an ant

problem so let's recap the solutions

four-step process on how to eliminate an

ant infestation one identification -

inspection three control for prevention

if you follow that four-step process

solutions guarantees you 100% that you

will eliminate your ant infestation if

you have questions leave us a comment in

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Improv idios i'm keith mccoy with

solutions pest in lon

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