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around acne scarring and I actually have

never done a video on acne scarring I

recently did a video on how to clear

your skin up fats and as well as how to

get rid of pimples so if you haven't

seen that I definitely recommend

checking it out because there's amazing

hacks and tips and tricks in there I

must say these are all my tricks and

tips and hacks and DIYs that you can

make to help fade or get rid of your

acne scarring naturally but before you

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talking let's just jump into what this

video is what is acne scars so acne

scars are the remains after acne or

pimples have healed when a breakout

happens or inflamed pores occur it

affects the skin which can result in red

spots hyperpigmentation deep pits and

even rough patches on your face and

these are a bunch of different types of

acne scarring that can occur after acne

or pimples on your face it pretty much

sucks to sum it all up this is just an

overview of all the products to use to

help fade and remove your acne scarring

so let's just jump into the steps this

first DIY is going to help with your

skin health skin cell repair and also

it's just going to be kind of like a

preventative measure and that is just

adding green tea into your skincare

routine so all you have to do is just

make some green tea as normal and you're

just going to allow the tea to

completely cool once it is cooled you're

just going to put it into a little spray

bottle and you're going to use this for

your face you're gonna spritz it all

over your face and once it green tea

completely dries then you can go ahead

and wash your face and then Pat it dry

free tea is super high in antioxidants

so it's known to help fight bacteria and

reduce inflammation which are the two

main causes of acne so this is also

gonna help prevent future acne breakouts

and future acne scars

the second stuff I have for you is to

exfoliate regularly so of course you

shouldn't be doing this every single day

but exfoliation is key exfoliation is

the process of removing the top layer of

your dead skin cells so that's really

gonna help fade the appearance of your

scarring I have two simple DIY

exfoliation so you can meet straight

from your home that's super natural and

easy on the skin the first one just

being mixing equal parts of either salt

or sugar and coconut oil I like going

for salt personally and all I did was

mix it into a bowl until it was like

kind of like a paste consistency and

then I just scrubbed it around my face

all over of course really trying to get

the dead skin cells out and then rinsing

it off and following with my normal skin

care routine which is usually following

with a moisturizer which I personally

love coconut oil I did a video pretty

much showing my whole skincare routine

so I'll link that down below for you

guys this is a really great exfoliant to

use and it's super cheap and you can

make it right from your house now I'm

gonna move on to the second exfoliant

and this is super gentle in the skin so

if you really do have extremely

sensitive skin I definitely recommend

doing this one as instead of the first

one and that is just taking a bowl and

adding two tablespoons of oats and just

plain oats and then I just filled a

little less than half a cup of water

threw it into the oats and then took two

tablespoons of coconut oil and one

tablespoon of honey and I just mix that

all together and this is just super

gentle and kind of soothing for the skin

as well and moisturizing so if you are

someone that has extremely sensitive

skin I recommend going for more this

type of exfoliant it's not as harsh and

rough on your skin and I do the exact

same thing where I just rub it all over

my skin of course and then rinse it off

with some warm water and then follow up

with a moisturizer but like I said

exfoliating is just super key it's just

you're gonna notice a difference over

time on quality of your skin and your

scarring and it's just some simple stuff

that you can add into your skincare

routine that's really gonna make a


step 3 is really making sure that your

skin is moisturized and a really great

tip to moisturize your skin is

to just use cucumbers so all you have to

do is just slice up your cucumbers and

use those slices for the skin so what I

did is I just applied them onto the

areas that had acne or scarring and I

left them on for about 30 minutes before

removing them cucumbers are super great

because they contain vitamins magnesium

and there's so many benefits to this

skin pretty much when you place the

cucumber on to the actual acne that it's

going to soothe the skin by reducing

inflammation it reduces also the

appearance of acne scarring as well it's

just really cooling and calming for your

skin in the last step which is really

gonna help fade your scarring is to use

natural lemon juice don't use like lemon

juice that you find that stores because

that has a lot of extra properties that

you don't want the lemon juice has

natural bleaching properties and also

help promotes clear skin vitamin C is

found in lemon and it also helps in

rebuilding the collagen and also helps

to remove dead cells by apply the

fresh-squeezed lemon juice on to my acne

scarring either with a cotton ball or

your fingers your clean fingers of

course put it on for about 50 minutes

and then wash it off with lukewarm water

and this is really gonna help fade your

scarring over time of course when you

apply this to your skin you have to make

sure that you don't really go right into

the sunlight because it does make your

skin sensitive to sunlight so just try

to avoid it for that time that is all

for the video I hope you guys liked it

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