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How to Get Rid of App Icon Badges that Won't Go Away in iOS

obviously an issue with my iPhone you

know those little icons that happen on

top of your apps that tell you that

you've missed something well I had one

that just wouldn't go away and its

really annoying so I figured I'm not the

only person out there that probably had

this issue so I want to share how I

solved it and a few other ways that you

can go about fixing it okay so the first

thing you want to try to do is just

update the app right so here we have

ways for example will not stop showing

me this icon so first you're going to go

to the app store you're going to tap

updates at the bottom right tap update

all at the top and wait for it to do


once that's done hit the home button and

see if it's solved your problem if it

didn't we're going to try to force close

the app so double tap to your home

button to get to the app switcher and

then swipe away the culprit app hit the

home button again and then open it again

at home and see if it's solved it

and this actually worked for me a lot of

times with inbox or somebody's at Google

inbox kept having an issue and every

time I did that it would solve it but

four ways we're a move on to the next

step which is simply now rebooting the

phone now most people probably think

that's the first thing you do but this

actually to me takes longer than all the

other steps so we're gonna hold down

power button and so I power off

obviously you know how to power up your

phone wait for that to happen turn it

back on and see if it's solved the issue

so all of those are the super simple

preliminary things that you would try to

do to get it to work and sometimes they

do actually solve the problem but if

they don't the next step is to actually

go into settings and we're going to turn

off the badge notifications and then

turn them back on first so to do that

when you go to settings scroll down to

find the app that is causing the problem

in this case it's ways tampon

notifications and you'll see badge app

icon we're going to turn that off at


and we're go back into settings turn it

back on and at home again and in a lot

of cases that might solve the issue

again for me it's not so now here's

where we get a little drastic so the

truth matter is is I can just disable

those notifications and frankly I'm

about to because that's really annoying

and the truth matter is depending on the

app you don't need it to be able to tell

you that there is something missed with

the app icon the notifications coming

through the Notification Center and the

banners that pop up are enough for me

for most apps for example four ways I

don't need to know that I missed a

notification because I only use Waze

when I'm driving so too late so in this

case I'm going to actually disable those

entirely so I'm going to tap on settings

turn off badge app icons entirely and

then home it back and now you'll see

they're completely gone this is a more

extreme solution obviously but if you

have no other options it's a good way to

go until iOS updates or the app has a

new update that'll usually solve it you

can turn it back there you go hope that

helped you guys and if it did please

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