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The Surprising Thing That Could Be Causing Your Yeast Infection

every day habit could lead to a yeast

infection is it a being a night owl be

taking a long shower RC consuming too

much salt nearly 75% of all adult women

have had at least one yeast infection in

their lifetime but could you be causing

it to happen so that pop quiz had a lot

of our audience members guessing but not

doctor Nita has the answer to the pop

quiz yes so what do you think it's

actually a being a night oh you got it

so being a night owl apparently being a

night owl can cause you to have not not

get enough sleep and when you don't get

enough sleep you have a weakened immune

system according to some research that

can throw your vaginal pH off making you

more susceptible to vaginal yeast

infections and then you have a weaker

immune system so your body can't fight

it off so you get a yeast infection and

so you get the burning and itching and

irritation maybe a little watery

discharge maybe the thick white cottage

cheese like discharged without any odor

but in any case if you get one of those

and you know you can do it

over-the-counter cream or your doctor

can prescribe something but in addition

to lack of sleep also a poor diet or an

illness our pregnancy can also

predispose you to vaginal yeast