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How To Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight | Fast Pimple and Acne Treatments | Alex Costa


what's up everyone welcome back to my

channel if you're new here my name is

Alex Costa and this is probably one of

my most requested videos of all time

here on the channel peoples that are

paying the neck in no matter how good of

a hairstyle you have going on that day

or how dope of an outfit you're wearing

if your skin doesn't look good then

unfortunately you're just not gonna feel

very good about the way you look you're

just not gonna feel confident and you

can say who cares

they're just pimples they happen all the

time and you're right they do happen all

the time and that's why you should learn

how to properly get rid of them without

leaving any long-lasting damage or

scarring on your face so the first thing

you want to do is ice it because that

reduces the swelling the redness and the

inflammation of that area it's going to

shrink all of your pores which means it

also shrinks the size of the pimple

itself and if you want to know it does

that by constricting all of the blood

vessels underneath your skin which in

turn tightens everything and then

shrinks all of your pores and besides

doing all that it's also going to help

with any pain or itching going on as

well you know sometimes all you want to

do is pick at it and just rip that thing

off your face and the ice is definitely

gonna make sure that you don't do that

just make sure you're not applying ice

directly onto your skin have a cloth in

between that way you're not freezing

your cells all right you just want to

make sure that it's cold enough to

constrict those blood vessels and

tighten your skin next tip leave it

alone and try not to pop it when you pop

a zit it actually bursts out of your

skin and then causes a lot of damage

inside and out it might be a good

feeling to do it right then and there

but it's not worth it in the long term

listen I'm not a very patient person

okay so when I have a zit sometimes I

end up popping it and last time I did it

was about a month ago and I popped a zit

right here

and guess what I still have a spot right

here because I popped it if I didn't you

know I'd have a pimple for three days

and then after that I'd be good this

would not be here this is actually the

long-term damage that I caused picking

at it is always going to make the

healing process longer so don't make the

same mistake I did just leave it alone

try your best to just let it run its


you know it sucks it does take a little

bit of patience but it's worth it now

let's say that no matter what I tell you

in this video you're one of those people

that are still

a pop that's it you're stubborn I get it

it happens like I said try not to but if

you really have to don't use your dirty

fingers this is gonna make things so

much worse just grab a napkin and then

use that to make sure you're not getting

the area infected or better yet if you

can just use of these extraction tools

they're pretty affordable and get rid of

the pimple by using a lot less pressure

than you would with your own hands all

right guys and I've seen a lot of people

talk about using toothpaste on their

face to dry up their pimples don't do it

there is no reason to put toothpaste on

your face ever if you want to speed up

the process of getting rid of a pimple

and healing it there are some actual

products made just for that I like to

use this blemish treatment from Peter

Thomas Roth for example I just clean the

area and then I applied this little tiny

dot on the pimple before I go to bed and

then when I wake up in the next morning

it's a hundred times better and that's

because it has tea tree oil in it which

is used by a lot of different skincare

brands because it has a Snatcher ability

to kill bacteria and it also has

salicylic acid which helps unclog all of

your pores and honestly there are a

bunch of these products that can really

help you overnight so I'm gonna leave a

list of them linked in the description

below so you can go and pick the right

one for you and as you know everybody's

skin is different so make sure you do a

little bit of research before you pull

the trigger on any of these products and

guys honestly the best way of keeping

your skin acne free is by washing your

face especially if you have a zit or

just extracted one or even honestly if

you just touch your face a lot

throughout the day make sure your face

is always clean by washing it in the

morning when you wake up and then at

night right before you go to bed if you

can try to exfoliate once or twice a

week too just to get rid of all those

dead skin cells on your face exfoliating

will help you get rid of those dead

cells and then make way for new clear

skin and obviously guys if you do suffer

from severe acne make sure you see a

dermatologist it's always good to seek

professional help especially if it's

gonna make you feel so much better about

the way you look see a doctor ask for

some help and it could be as easy as

getting a prescription that's going to

eliminate all acne from ever showing up

on your face again

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