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Dr. Pimple Popper Teaches Us How To Remove A Blackhead | Skin Care A-to-Z | TODAY

I don't think I'll ever look at a rice

krispy treat the same way again I can't

eat these and have no problem with them

you were born to do this

hi friends


I am here with the one and only dr.

Sandra Lee aka dr. pimple - yes

who makes gross clam I'm so excited

because she's gonna help us break it

down and get back to basics what is a

blackhead a blackhead is what we also

call an open comedone and that is a pore

on your skin that when it has been

clogged with dead skin cells debris oil

and the reason it looks black is it's

because it's open to the surface of the

skin so what happens is this dirt in

there turns dark and oxidizes kind of

like an apple that you cut and you leave

open you know it turns brown so that's

essentially what's happening there a

white head is a closed comedone they're

both the same kind of thing it's a pore

that's clogged but a white head has a

cover of thin skin over it which is why

it's white because it hasn't been

exposed to oxygen that makes sense

I love the Apple analogy and how do you

get them well we get blackheads really

because we are just living our lives I

mean they have to do with oil and

hormones genetics blackheads are just

part of being alive so two men everybody

gets a clogged pore yes and what should

you do if you get that well you don't

have to do anything with them but if

they bother you you can try to extract

your blackheads which is you know using

an instrument or your fingers to squeeze

them out or you can really just try to

keep your skin clean there are

over-the-counter products like retinol

or salicylic acid that really can help

to minimize blackhead formation so you

have some visuals this is a rice

krispies treat and it actually now is a

simulated skin with blackheads in it so

here we have some blackheads so I'm

gonna show you how to proper way how to

extract lacquers and you can do them

yourself and not hurt anybody okay

talk me through that I'm gonna use

what's called a comedone extractor I

love this this instrument so what you

want to do first is Prime the skin

that's how we have a towel here okay

has a war as a warm compress lay it

across your your skin to soften those

pores to soften the debris within the

pores correct and then once you're nice

and soft and make sure the area is nice

and clean and that your instrument is

nice and clean and see there's a loop on

both sides I prefer the larger loop but

what you want to do is place the loop so

that the block head is in the center

that you can see but the key is with

this is that you're applying even

pressure on all sides you're not trying

to push and drag it across your skin

even pressure and I might be oh did I do

that that's yes you did I don't think

I'll ever look at a rice krispies treat

the same way again is it me it is it's

just frosting and that's a nurse like of

chocolate chocolate yeah there's

chocolate frosting and chocolate y'all

what's really important as after you

have extracted your blackheads use a

little spot treatment cream a little

acne spot treatment cream and just put a

little dot on on areas and now that will

help prevent bacteria from growing the

area and hopefully help to resolve this

you know this irritation that you have

created potentially in the area as

quickly as possible anyone