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How To Naturally Grow Back Thinning Hairline & Cover up Receding Hairline-Beautyklove

hey guys so today we are going to be

talking about receding hairline or

thinning hairline because some of you

have been asking me on tips on how to

grow back your receding hairline or your

thinning hairline and also just some

tips on how to prevent it and also how

to cover it up while you're growing it

out so before we get started let me just

say that some people naturally have just

that hairline where it's not equal on

both sides some of you have been telling

me your hairline has been uneven ever

since when you were young so some

people's hairline are just not truly

like that and there's absolutely nothing

wrong about it but however if you know

you just notice that that thing just

happened to you if you want to cover

that up or potentially want to grow back

your hairline then I have some tips for

you here alright so tip number one avoid

kind hairstyles like buns putting your

hair up in a high ponytail especially if

your hair is long and thick also just

avoid braiding your hair tightly

especially cornrows sometimes if someone

was doing your hair really breaks your

hair super super tight your scalp is

really going to hurt it actually did

experience that before no I used to wear

my hair in buns a lot because sometimes

it's really hot here in my country so

that is my go-to type of hairstyle so I

noticed that when I was wearing buns

especially when I wear a really tight

bun or like a really tight ponytail I

didn't really feel that after let's say

an hour of me having that fun on my hair

I can already feel that this part of my

hair right here my hairline is already

hurting especially my head is already

hurting and if you have to think of it I

was wearing Bunce every single day so

imagine the stress that I'm putting on

my hairline that's why I kind of noticed

that on this area right here I have like

thinning okay so here's the before and

after of my hairline as you guys can see

it may not be dramatic but as you guys

can see in the before picture I have

that little bit of thinning on the side

right there and on the after I managed

to grow it back on that area and they

also had the little baby hairs as well

so I'm very happy about that so

tips on how you can grow back your

thinning hairline because these are also

the exact same things that I used for my

hair to actually grow out some baby

hairs again on this area of my hair

right here and I found that it was very

effective whose oils for hair growth now

my personal favorite is castor oil and

almond oil mixed together because

sometimes when you just use castor oil

and when you rub it on your hairline

sometimes it's very hard to rub the

castor oil on your scalp and I want to

be gentle in that area so I add in

another carrier oil so that you can

apply it on your scalp with ease and

also I research on other hair growth

oils that are really great for growing

your sittin hairline so what I did is I

mix that in in the castor oil in the

almond oil altogether and I applied it

right here on my hairline and I did

notice that my hair was growing back

again and also I can see that there are

a lot of baby hairs growing course it

will take time for your hair to grow

back but I find that those oils really

help out a lot and grow in your hair

back change your parting from time to

time and this is the thing that I'm

always reminding myself I know in my

videos I always wear a my parting right

here but you know every day when I'm not

filming I tried to kind of like switch

out my parting because I actually made a

video about this that sometimes when

your parting is the same you notice that

that area is more thinned out or likes

more flat compared to if you switch on

another hairline that's because they

said that you know sometimes the weight

of your hair or that area is always

strained so that's why your hair is kind

of a bit thinning so that's why it's

very important to change your hair

parting from time to time okay no number

four if you are wearing extensions you

might want to not wear them at the

moment because if your hair is that

fragile sometimes you know as I've said

adding just strain or adding stress to

your hair strand or your hair follicles

can cost them to fall out and actually

did notice this

on my hair I wasn't using any like hair

extensions like the normal hair

extension spot however I was using this

faux bangs that it kind of really

because when you put it it's like the

clips are supposed to be placed here and

here when I remove it at the end of the

day I feel like this whole area right

here of my head actually really hurts

and I did notice that on this side of my

hair it was kind of like thinning out

for some reason I was like maybe basic

whoa bangs that I was using because it

has a clip on and also I was putting my

hair in a bun both of those are such

culprits to why I experienced that so

I'm gonna be sharing with you guys some

tips on how you can cover it up

temporarily while you're growing it out

if you want to so here it is and now as

you guys can see like this is the part

that my sister wants to cover up I think

it's also because it's upset as I've

mentioned before it's because of the

party I knowing that you park your hair

a lot right camera and large so that's

why as you can see this parts more like

lifted just like that okay so one thing

that you guys can use is a hair fiber

and this actually kind of mimics your

hair and also this does not clogged your

hair follicles and it does not stain

your scalp so I'm just gonna go ahead

and apply the hair fiber right here and

when you apply just apply it sparingly

I'm not gonna fill in all the way

through because I still have another

technique to show you all of course

sometimes if you have those fallouts who

can just easily wipe it off because it's

not really gonna stain your skin so you

can see that the hairline is more fuller

now after that if you want to steal

everything in just go ahead and use a

hairspray so the next one that I find

that you can use as well is this one

right here this is actually for your

eyebrows you can also use a mascara but

I find that this one really lasts long

so it's from Anastasia Beverly Hills

it's like the pull made for the brows so

I'm gonna use this brush right here and

I'm going to you your face right here


because I know sometimes when you use

eyeshadows eyeshadow skin could be

brushed off easily but with this I find

that it really does stable and you can

just smudge that to make it look more

natural so in here what I have as well

is an eyebrow brush so you can also use

this one I'm just gonna take some apply

it on to the little hairs if you have

right here

to make them more evident and showing

especially the little baby hairs to

color them so that you can see that

there's more hair there could have done

a better job on my sister's hairline

right there but I think that's good

enough right like it really looks like

it's um well covered it looks natural as

well and all that if this is your goal

to somewhat cover it at the moment while

you're growing off your hair your baby

hair so this is the thing you can do and

you can mimic as well so what do you

think of it mental or does it look

natural it does it doesn't naturally and

I really like it I don't even feel

anything you know there's something on

my hair yeah this'll really lightly and

even in person over yeah it is just

natural yeah okay so all in all that's

it all right let's do a before and

afters so that is thank you guys I hope

you all liked this video and if you did

please give this video a thumbs up and

also if you found this video informative

please do share this video and I will

see you all on my next one bye